All about the Grand Occasion – KarvaChauth

KarvaChauth is a holy occasion in which women pray for their husbands by taking fast for them. However, husbands also observe this auspicious fast for their wives. Therefore, they also deserve a special gift in this gala day. If you want to give a wonderful gift to him, then start searching for now.

You can select some useful or creative or some romantic gifts for him.  If you want to choose some apparel, then go as per his choice. Select from traditional Sherwani, designer Kurta, Ethnic Jackets or branded Shirts, T-Shirts, Coats etc. Watch can a useful gift for as well.

You can also think about some creativity by giving him a romantic Photo frame, a lovely Chocolate box, useful kits and all. A romantic clock or a personalized coffee mug can be a creative gift idea. If you want to contact some gift expert, then karwachauth gifts delivery in kota is there to help you out. You can navigate some popular websites for having some gift ideas.

KarvaChauth is divided into a number of rituals. Underneath are some explanations about these:

  • Sargi: Sargi is a dawn meal that is usually prepared by the respective mother-in-laws. The particular meal should be taken before the KarwaChauth’s dawn. Sargi is featured with sweets, fruits along with other tasty and delicious eatables. Generally, the newly wedded daughter-in-laws show their respect and love to present a gift to their mother-in-laws.
  • Baya: It is referred to as a gift from a daughter-in-law to her mother-in-law on this auspicious festival. The sargi usually includes sweet and salted mathris along with dry-fruits and other special gifts. For the KarvaChauth, Baya is very important.
  • KarvaChauthPooja: Every woman makes some special arrangements and decorations for this evening along with KarvaChauthpooja in the family, where almost all the family members are going to take part in this occasion. The women wear a heavy sari or a bridal lehenga along with the makeup and jewellery. After completion of pooja with other ladies from the family, the newly wedded bride seeks blessings from all the elder women of her family for her prosperous and happy conjugal life. She distributes the mathris along with other things among all the ladies, who have taken part in the baya.
  • Gifts: Gifts are an important part of this occasion. Therefore, planning is necessary before selecting the gift for his/her love.

KarvaChauth is generally celebrated on a grand scale and therefore, the decoration and other arrangements should be done properly to make that day a memorable experience. Husbands can select a memorable and lavish gift for their wives, and for that purpose, they can get help from karvachauth gift for wife in kota. Traditional or Western dress, her favourite jewellery or makeup kit can be selected for presenting her a gift at this day.

So, enjoy your day with your love by pampering and sharing her works. This KarvaChauth can increase the love intensity between both of you.

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