Stand Alone Or Wearable Tech? Should You Invest In A Smart-Watch Or A Smart-Phone?

These days, most of the people dream of having a smart-watch that they can rely on. We get new and new information about it almost every day. They are indeed growing in great popularity just like the smart-phones. However, there are still some people that question about its use even after it has become one of the major aspects of our lives in terms of technology.

While smart-watches have indeed become trendy, they haven’t yet taken over the place of smart-phones. So here, let us explore the reasons behind its growing popularity and why you should invest in one.

What makes smart-watch must-have for you?

Smart-watch can be a hell lot of fun. You will be amazed to know that they have their own games and apps that can not only entertain you, but can help you in variety of ways as well! Why would you reach to your pocket to get your phone now to check the time and see notifications when you already can do it from your wrist with the help of a smart-watch? It is very much easier and can save your time too. Plus, it will help you stay focused on more important stuffs.

Apart from being much easy to access, it is even harder to lose. This can help you save great amount of money especially if you are the one that have knack of losing things! Most of the smart-watches are resistant to water that are an added benefit!

What about Smart-phones then?

It is true that smart-watches have numerous benefits over smart-phones, but they too have certain limitations when compared to them. One of the major things that smart-phones have is larger screen size unlike smart-watches. Smart-watches generally have smaller screen and so it can be harder to do certain things like playing games, surfing web, and so forth.

Smart Watch

Plus, the smart-watches have limited hardware capabilities since they are smaller. Despite it, the best smartwatch companies are introducing great features every now and then that don’t fail to attract customers.

Moreover, if you are thinking about long battery life, smart-phones can be a good bet for you. Many of the smart watches last only few hours to a few days that may reduce usability.

The major thing that may hold back growth of the smart-watches in industry is that most of them come with hefty price tag. In fact, most of the Samsung smart-phones cost less than the smart-watches. This is one of the main reasons why the smart-watches are considered to be a niche product and not an essential gadget.

Another drawback of smart-watch is that they don’t typically run as standalone devices. They only work to their complete potential when they are used in combination with smart-phone. For instance, it cannot be used to place calls on its own, but they can do it via Bluetooth connectivity with smart-phone.

To conclude, smart-watch can offer you great features, especially when it is linked with smart-phone. This combo has attracted many techy nerds already, what are you waiting for?

How and Where to Link Aadhaar with Mutual Funds?

Making hay in your mutual fund investments with towering returns? Sounds good! But have you linked your Aadhaar with MF investments? Na! Well, do that soon as only a few months are left before the expiry of the deadline i.e. March 31, 2018. Failing to link Aadhaar with Mutual Funds by the said date will lead to investment account being blocked, preventing any buy or sell of units. However, there are simple modes by which you can link your Aadhaar to MF investments. So, without any delay, let’s read those in this article.

Steps to Link Aadhaar with Mutual Funds via RTAs 

Aadhaar can be linked to mutual funds via any of the registrar and transfer agents (RTAs), such as CAMS Karvy, etc.

CAMSonline Aadhaar Link 

Visit the official website of Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), which takes stock of many mutual fund houses. On visiting the website, you can find a tab of Investor Services. Click on it and get to a page wherein you can find ‘Link Your Aadhaar’ tab. Just click on it, enter your Aadhaar number in the prescribed space and press the submit button. Your request to link Aadhaar with mutual fund investments would thus get processed. You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number only after the details get verified successfully.

Karvy Aadhaar Linking Form 

 Aadhaar details

You can also visit the website of Karvy to get your Aadhaar linked to mutual fund folio/s. You can easily find Link Your Aadhaar on the website. Click on the link, enter your Aadhaar number and get the biometric card seeded to your mutual fund accounts.

How to Link Aadhaar at Mutual Fund Houses? 

Linking Aadhaar with mutual funds can also be done at respective websites of the asset management companies (AMCs), which run Aadhaar-based e-KYC verification. Just add your 12-digit biometric number there and submit a request for Aadhaar linkage with mutual funds. Upon successful verification, Aadhaar will get linked to your MF account.

Link Aadhaar to Your Mutual Fund Folios via SMS

You can link Aadhaar to your mutual fund accounts via an SMS as well. All you need to do is to type (ADRLNK <PAN> <space> <AADHAAR NUMBER> <space><Y>) from your registered mobile number to the designated number. Your request to link Aadhaar with mutual funds will thus get processed.

Visit the Branch of AMCs or RTAs to Link Aadhaar to Your MF Folios 

If getting online is not what you like, you can visit any of the AMC or RTA branches to link your Aadhaar to mutual fund accounts. Just visit the nearest branch, ask for Aadhaar seeding form, enter the relevant personal and employment information, as well as your Aadhaar details before submitting it along with a self-attested photocopy of the biometric card. The concerned official will verify the Aadhaar details from the original and so, you must bring that as well. You will receive an e-mail or SMS confirmation of Aadhaar linkage with mutual funds only when the details are verified successfully.

Importance of Linking Aadhaar to Mutual Fund Accounts 

Linking Aadhaar with mutual fund investments would help ensure the safety of your investments by heightening the security against Internet frauds. The transactions, be it the buy or sell of MF schemes, are going to be safe under the watchful eyes of the regulatory authorities.

Now as you understand the modes to link Aadhaar with mutual funds, do follow the steps described under your chosen mode. Don’t be under the impression that three months are there to complete the process. The closer you get to the last date more traffic you are going to face online or even offline. So do it fast following the steps as shown above.










What To Check Before Opening A Savings Account To Get Maximum Interest?

Even though fixed deposits may seem to be the best investment opportunity, sometimes, you have to have lump sum money that you can use freely anytime. You cannot withdraw the money from your fixed deposits instantly and you are likely to get it in a few days’ time as per the terms and conditions of the financial institutes. Furthermore, there is a penalty involved for withdrawal before the expiry of the agreed term. That is exactly where savings account comes into play. You should open a high yield savings account so that the money you keep there should get the maximum interest. There are various schemes that banks and financial institutes offer to make you open a savings account with them. You need to check and compare multiple offers before selecting a financial institute to open your savings account.

Reasons Why You Should Not Settle For A Low Yield Savings Accounts –

Choosing A Financial Institution – In today’s world, it does not matter in which financial institution you open your savings account, you can withdraw and deposit money from any ATM that is nearby to you. Therefore, you should focus on the offers the financial institutes are offering rather than settling with the nearby ones at whatever interest rates there are offering. But make sure that the institution you are choosing is a reputable one because there are certain institutions that offer a high interest rate but their credibility is questionable.

Opening A Savings Account

Understanding The Offers – When it comes to a savings account, the basic norm is that every bank offers a certain interest rate which is generally low. This basic rate is applicable to your entire balance that you have in your savings account all the time. The higher the basic rate, the better it is for you to get maximum return. But it is generally the other perks the banks offer that make you get a better interest. For example, some banks have schemes like if you deposit a certain sum of money every month, you are likely to get double or even triple the interest rate of the basic one. What you are essentially doing is creating a savings account that is acting like a recurring deposit account but there is no lock-in period and no charge for withdrawal.

Card and Net Banking Schemes – Furthermore, there are some offers on cards provided by financial institutes like if you spend a certain sum of money every month using the ATM card they are providing you when you open a high yield savings account, you will earn more interest rate. Similarly, you can get a better interest rate if you do a certain number of online transactions to pay your bills and various such incentives.

You have to watch out for these schemes and offers that you can fulfill and get better returns. Due to competitive markets, the basic interest rate will be low and hence, you have to avail these schemes to maximize the interest rate and the returns on your balance. Furthermore, there are special offers announced during the special days of the year and you need to have such information to be a smart customer.

Be wise before choosing binary options broker

Binary options trading are an investment strategy in stock market. Due to its recent progression, it is hard to find high quality brokers. Most investors have the track record of their brokers when it comes to equity or commodity market, if you do not have one for binary trading then it is more likely for you to fall in binary scams. Same as other investments, it also has to be checked with the broker background before plunking down your money. It is not just the investment scam you need to watch out for. Brokers have their wide terms and conditions for each and every account holders. It is based on the location and payment methods. Come brokers offer VIP packages for their clients than other brokers. If you are a beginner in trading, you may need to find the tutorials provided by brokers more useful who assume you already to know how to invest. Here we have listed some features that will help you in choosing easier and steer away from binary options scam.

Check on the investment condition

All brokers have their range of deposit amount limit. They also place limit with the trade limit per day. These can give you a good impression of a legal broker. Do not prefer brokers who accept your unlimited deposit but allows only small amount to trade. Keep in mind that you can experience proper service of trade with small broker in big amount than trading with big broker in smaller limit.

Examine deposit and withdrawal procedure

One common mistake of binary options scam is having undefined transaction procedure. If a broker does not have proper method of deposit and withdrawal, then they are more prone to scam. Each broker should allow electronic method of transaction. Thus without electronic method of transaction, period of withdrawal can be long and sometimes results in fraudulent action. Stay away from broker those who do not provide payment method that you are accustomed to.

Find the trading options

If you want to trade binary option, stay in particular with the limited selection of assets from the available portfolio. You can get a good idea after finding the particular brokerage with good speed and accuracy.

All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Assessment

Digital Marketing Assessment helps in to analyse the skills of the Digital Marketing field candidates. It is a great tool to hire the best Digital Marketing Executive. Digital Marketing is referred as a marketing of products or services using the digital media. A digital marketing is a person who increases the brand engagement of a services or products in the digital media considering their target audience and also generates sales and lead by driving a high volume of traffic to the website is the main task for the digital marketers.

The assessment contains the following topics to analyse the skill of the applicant.

  1. Social Media Optimization – It includes on page and off page strategy for the website.
  2. Social Media Marketing- Promoting the brand on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc.
  3. Search Engine Marketing- Promote the brand on various search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  4. E-Commerce Marketing- Promoting of online websites through social media channels.
  5. Google Paid Advertisement- Creating and running the advertisement on the Google.
  6. Google Analytics- Analysing the activity of all the digital marketing actions with the help of Google Analytic.
  7. Email Marketing- Promoting the offers and deals through email marketing.
  8. Mobile Marketing- Promoting the content and brand name on the mobiles.
  9. Content Creation- Creating of contents for the websites and articles, blogs.

These all are the topics covered in the digital marketing assessment test. It gives an insight of candidate about their skills towards the Digital Marketing. Companies are using this tool to assess the ability of the candidate skills and performance before considering them for an interview.

Digital Marketing Executive is needed in every field of business. If the company has online setup business, then digital marketing expert will be required for that to promote the brand to the online world.
Companies nowadays have changed their approach for hiring the candidate and online assessment has become the first preference before selecting them for an interview. A best Digital Marketing Executive will lead you towards success so it is important for the companies to find the right match with the help of this assessment tool.

This tool is using by the big companies to assess the skills of Digital Marketing. It is a very time saving process and company can eliminate the candidate who is not a good fit for the company and can further follow up with an interview with the rest applicants. This test is given by the business analyst developers, social media marketers, program managers and all the others, who are the part of the digital world. It is open to all to analyse their skills of digital marketing.

Existing employees in the company can also appear for this test to analyse their knowledge time to time. The pattern of the test changes time to time with the new trends in the Digital Marketing world. So it is important for the candidate to keep their information updated about digital marketing.

Best health tracker Apps of all time

Applications to help you track daily fitness

We have all gone on a fitness spree and tried all the trending fads at some point in our lives. But somehow failed miserably, either due to lethargy or maybe, because you weren’t tracking your progress right?

Everyone needs a little push to lose those extra pounds or take in some healthy calories, and that is exactly what health tracking apps do.

They calculate your caloric intake, consumption of water, sleeping cycles, the miles you’ve walked and also your BMI!

Either for peace of mind or boosting your metabolism, here are the top health tracking apps based on their interface, utility, ratings and user-friendly features.

  1. Lifesum:

Diet is crucial on the journey to being healthy, whether you want to lose few inches around your waist or gain some, keeping track of your meals and eating clean is a necessity.

This app gives access to various recipes and personalizes an exclusive diet plan for you; keto diet, low-carb, high-protein, you choose! It also gives expert diet tips and keeps you motivated. The Macro tracker and Calorie counter keep count on the amount of energy consumption and calories per meal which is a great feature.

  1. MyFitnessPal:

This app does an all-around job of keeping your health in check with its multidisciplinary features. It helps loose, gain or maintain weight by letting the user log their meals for the day, amount of water consumption and also their workout regime. It also provides for a barcode scanner that can be used to log food. The app does exactly what it promises to by tracking the user’s progress and inspiring millions on their journeys to fitness.

  1. Headspace:

Mental health contributes to fitness as much as physical health does and overlooking it isn’t the sanest.

Headspace takes care of it by offering a wide range of exercises for your brain to control your anxiety or let your stress off. It relaxes, nourishes and energizes your mind and leaves not just your brain aglow but your body too. This app harbours a wide range of sessions from mindfulness to classic meditation techniques for the beginners.

  1. Fitbit:

There is no better combo than a Fitbit device and its app. The user can simply connect his/her device to the app and enjoy the easy and efficient services of Fitbit. The GPS tracks your footsteps, distance covered, calories burned and the miles ran and is available easily on eBay or other e-commerce stores. It can also track your Yoga and workout routines.

The app has an ‘All Day Heart Rate Tracking’ feature and provides to you the fun of challenging and comparing your stats with your friends.

  1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge:

For all the homebodies out there, who prefer working out their place than hit a gym, this app is the one to download. The workouts designed in the app, have been scientifically proven to improve fitness and health and are comparable to Apple apps. The app acts as a trainer, providing a step by step progress for the beginners and increased intensity training. It also helps choose the best workout regime for you and reminds you to exercise every day.



Rise up business online with digital marketing

As the world is going digital over all the process, its important to make your brand marketing through digital. As there are lots of saying regarding digital marketing in these days, you can use it for your business with effective uses. This is advertising or promoting of any brand through blogs or digital media. Thus digital media can be of any form. A perfect definition to explain digital media is any form of marketing that is delivered through electronic medium are call digital media marketing. Thus effect of this marketing has become easier to access and personalized with every business. This help with easy tracking of the system. For small business people, this kind of marketing has become a huge benefit to increase their popularity. Thus branding of their product is taken to next level faster with helpful marketing routines.

People can build their own business through the effective means of digital marketing agency san Diego at an affordable cost. This makes the outreach throughout the world without making in one small area. Thus to make marketing in digital means, it is necessary to have the following attributed with your company company:

  • Plenty of information regarding your brand
  • Related information to target visitors
  • User friendly website design
  • Site with up to date features
  • Easy navigation with less loading time

Design a website for your business with expert site designer who has knowledge in website designing and SEO. This makes the greater in the process of marketing. If your website does not have the features that makes it top rated, then marketing does not provide any further progress. Even after designing a site, constant maintenance is necessary to keep your ranking high in search engine. After making the website launch of you business, get help from SEO experts to make sturdy breakthrough in business. And expert SEO helps to obtain good amount of traffic for you website. Marketing without the help of SEO agency cannot provide more traffic as you expect. It is god to deal with a digital media agency who has the effective progress online.

Finding soulmates made easier

Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond that lasts forever. In order to choose for a partner one should do a lot of research as they have to spend the rest of the life with them. When it comes to arranged marriages the search goes on for a prolonged period of time and the bride or the groom is searched by the parents or relatives and this differs in each and every family. Every person wishes to get a perfect partner for themselves as they have to lead their entire life with them. There are so many aspects which one has to consider while searching for a partner.

Family and background:

When selecting for a partner first one examines the character of a person. And, then they would look for the financial background of the person if it matches their status. It’s not only the union of two hearts that results in a happy wedding but the union of two families as well. The families should also have good bonding and understanding between each other which would lead to a happy and successful wedding. Once the families are convinced with each other finally they decide to tie the knot.

Education qualification:

The education qualification of the person also plays a very vital role as one would already have in mind as to what qualification their spouse should hold.

How to search for a spouse?

In order to search for a best spouse one would either search people in their own circles or consult an organization that helps them in finding a perfect partner. In today’s generation we have sites made explicitly for finding your right partner. A person who is looking out for a soul mate can also register themselves and create an account and finally start searching as per their likes. While registering the person would have to enter many details like

  • Personal details
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Financial background and their qualifications
  • Work status and designation

There are exclusive sites now which work only for matrimony and help in matching and finding the perfect spouse by looking out for the skills and the status and the other criteria’s that needs to match. It’s up to the bride or the groom to choose a partner for them as per their likes given in their profiles. The Punjabi girl looking for marriage need not worry and has to search for places in order to search for the best groom for her. In fact there are matrimonial sites specifically for each and every community which makes seeking for a partner easier. The Sikh matrimonial sites would help you by suggesting a list of boys of girls from which you can shortlist one. The sites also help you by providing you the contact details of the individuals and also have the chat options where one can talk to each other with the help of the same feature.

Thus, matrimonial sites are the best place where one can select their soul mate and also get to know about them in a quick span.

Cardiac Risks during Pregnancy and Ways to Deal with Them

Pregnancy happens to be one of the most special phases of any woman’s life. It is the time when you plan on your growing family, dream about the future of the new member and begins a new chapter of your life. So it is about watching the stars and feeling the sunshine like never before.

But in this exciting phase, one thing that is of pivotal importance is taking care of one’s body in the best way possible. After all, it is now the safe haven where your bundle of joy is slowly taking shape and growing up.

During your pregnancy, your heart is working overtime as it supports both the mother and the baby to have a healthy circulation. So it takes a few precautions for protecting your heart health. Your heart and circulatory system are stressed in a great way during pregnancy.  But there are many who suffer from heart disease but are capable of delivering healthy babies.

So here are some of the risks associated with your heart that can affect you during your pregnancy. By knowing them you can stay informed and do the needful to the best of your abilities to prevent them.

Risks That Can Develop

The risks depend on the severity of the condition of the heart. They can be written as below.

  • Issues of Heart Valve– There can be some complications in pregnancy if there is malformation or scarring of your heart or if you have an artificial heart. It may be difficult to tolerate the excessive blood flow which is common during pregnancy if the valves are not functioning in the right way. There can be a risk of infection of the lining of the heart and the valves of the heart that is potentially life-threatening if the valves are abnormal or artificial. Artificial valves also pose threats during pregnancy for needing to adjust to the use of the blood thinners that may lead to thrombosis or life-threatening clotting of the blood in the valves. The developing baby can also face danger from this.
  • Issues of Heart Rhythm– Negligible or minor abnormalities of the heart are quite common during pregnancy. You should not be worried about them. They are not major causes of concern. Arrhythmia can be treated with medication.
  • Congenital Heart Defect– Your baby has the risk of growing up with a heart problem if you were born with the heart problem, too. There are also chances of heart problems during pregnancy and also that of premature birth because of this.
  • Congestive Heart Failure – This can worsen as the volume of the blood increases.

How to Prevent Complications?

You can take the best care of your baby by taking good care of yourself. So here are few steps that will help you to prevent the heart-related complications. Just read on.

  • Take the medication as prescribed
  • Keep and attend your parental appointments
  • Manage your anxiety
  • Avoid smoking, drinking and other illegal drugs
  • Keep a close eye on your weight gain
  • Get plenty of rest

The above mentioned are some of the things that you should start following right after your pregnancy is detected with a proficient pregnancy test kit and confirmed by your physician. These steps will help you to ensure good health and fitness for both you and your baby.

Win follow up strategy by undergoing the steps provided online

While involving in the internet aspects, it is better to deal with the prominent aspects online. Especially, businesspersons ought to deal with emails and other email related things. The email is the factor, which provides the people with the right beneficiary things online. Apart from the normal ones, it is necessary to deal with the best information guide in hand. In an email, there are various forms, which are unknown to some people.

The terms like warm mails, cold mails are involved in the email consistency. The warm mails refer to the mails that have been in contact for the past four months and so on. However, the cold mail refers to the mails that have not contacted for above four months. Apart from the normal mails, it is better to react to the cold mails. The cold mails may bring you many benefits in dealing with it.

There are various benefits, which mails down in providing the right things online. Apart from the warm mails, the cold mails can be maintained under certain strategies. The strategically move can be promoted below in the upcoming article.

The first strategy may include the departure of the mail from your side. The first mail stands to be the starting for the upcoming transactions or the upcoming information handling.

cold email follow up

First follow-up:

The next follow up to the cold mail can be done two days later. The same message should be conveyed in different styles or different patterns. For example, if your first cold mail has single paragraph, then it is better to undergo the next mail with two to three paragraphs.

One should not draft any emails and should not add any attachments in common. It may prevent them from following up the cold mail strategy.

Second follow-up:

The next follow up can be done five days later. On the fifth day, it is better to come across things prominent. In this session, you can ask the prospect to mail or call for a particular action. Even you can schedule for a meeting in this follow up.

If you are not aware of the sentence structure, then go to the website and know more about the cold email follow up steps given.

Third follow-up:

The third follow up can be done after seven to ten working days from the second follow up period. During this follow-up, the client ought to break their connection with the prospect. If you wish to deal with the right things online, then one can deal with the measures available online.

With the help of these follow-up strategies, one can make necessary decisions in dealing things right. Log in to the site mentioned in the article for more valuable information.