Rules of Rocking Vintage

Each set of fashion style comes with its rules and only the outstanding and creative designers can break the rules and get away with it. Vintage outfits are timeless, but you can easily pass as someone who is wearing a costume. So, when you want to rock a vintage look, you have to focus on the do and don’ts of wearing vintage.

Blend the eras

Wearing full vintage can make people think you are preparing for Halloween. All the vintage runway look are not applicable in real life. To be on the safe side take something from each century. When you are wearing a vintage retro kjoler, then accessorize it with contemporary shoes or even jewelry. However, since your theme is vintage don’t use statement accessories in your outfit because it may shift the focal point of the dress code.

Take something that can trend

We all love vintage because they are the basis of our fashion, but there is some vintage are too dated. You may have a vintage that is still in good condition but adds you 20 more year the moment you wear it. Dresses with a plunging neckline and shoulder pads are a big NO. However, you can make some modification to bring more life to a dated vintage. For example, you can remove the shoulder pads, modify the length of the dress, play with the neckline, and add accessories such as belts to give it a new look.

The fabric

Your intention is to pull out a vintage look not a homeless woman from the 60s. The condition of the fabric is critical. Even if the vintage is priceless, but the fabric is not in good condition then it is not worth wearing it. Retro dresses from the 70s are simply priceless, but it will not blend well with contemporary style if the fabric looks dry and brittle.

Play safe with the classic wear

Some ideas of the contemporary designs are borrowed from the vintage styles. Styles such as leather jacket, denim jeans, retro dresses, and bomber jackets are ideas for the previous centuries. Although they have a bit of modification to make them time relevant they are the same thing. When you have a classic vintage wear, then you are safe because you will be presenting both eras.

You should avoid wearing a full vintage suit because it makes you look ancient. When you have a vintage skirt and coat, break the pieces to get two separate vintage looks. It also gives you more space to add complimentary modern pieces.

Makeup and hair styling

When you are planning to recreate a style from a certain decade, remember also your makeup and hairstyle. Applying too much makeup and complex hairstyles may drift the focal point from your vintage theme and make it look more contemporary. Add a little flavor to your vintage theme by doing a simple makeup and hairstyle. Certain hairstyles mark each decade if you have time you can style your hair to match your outfit.

Use modern accessories

Unless you are from the royal family wear all their ancient accessories are still trendy, you should stick to the modern accessories. Contemporary statement necklace, sunglasses, watches, and handbag is an easy way to make you look flawless vintage look. Wearing accessories that complement the color of the clothes is highly recommended to avoid shifting the focal point. Alternatively, you can use modern accessories to tone down the outfit if you are wearing a colorful vintage outfit.

The rules of rocking the vintage look act as basic guidelines but not something to strictly follow. If you have a bold or creative personality, you can try out something out of the ordinary. The point of going vintage is having a unique look in the contemporary society. Fashion is one of the unique ways to appreciate different cultures.

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