Important tests in the process of Staffing!

Important tests in the process of Staffing

Unlike earlier days, a company does not waste so much of time and money on the recruitment or staffing process. No company takes individual interviews instead they conduct group task or some kinds of tests. Every manager has to perform the staffing process such as election and training. In some organizations, there is even a complete separate department.

It is the first priority or topmost importance to find the right people for the right job at the right time as hiring the wrong person can become a costly as well as time wasting issue. Staff should be motivated to show higher productivity and quality by offering them monetary as well as non-monetary incentives. Staff plays an important role in business.

To coordinate the other functions: Staffing is important for the better syncing between all other functions of management. Each and every step of management needs coordination and which directly means good staffing.

Proper use of Technology: Machines cannot be run on their own; they need some special human force who knows how to handle the machines. Thus, specialization is more concerned nowadays.

Fuller utilization of Human Resource: a management in staffing should also be done. This means the history of wages, data about selection and training. These details will show the usage of money and you will be able to see whether there is a proper use of human resources is occurring or not.

Development and motivation: Staffing process also includes the growth and development of employees. On the job training is a career advancement process. Regular motivation is too very important to keep the employees efficient and effective.

Important tests in the process of Staffing

There are many ways to find a good participant for the business, but to select the most suitable one there are some tests too. Tests are very important; it can select the most efficient ones which can be further appointed for interviews. Customized tests are better and it should be more kept as practical other than theoretical. Here are some common tests:

Performance tests: it is a basic test to find out the intention of applicants for applying. These first assessments are a good option for pre-screening tool to test applied candidate’s knowledge and skills. These tests are time bound with open ended questions. The answers and responses are checked by the seniors.

Skill Tests: there are always some skills required for every different kind of business or company. Some skills are commonly required such as computer skills test, communication skills, team working and much more to name.

Personality tests: the test shows personal traits as there is a number of traits to choose. It also determines the quality to become a leader. There are some special names given to personality traits and these tests.

General Reasoning: In this type of test, questions are based on situations. This shows the response and ability to think in a critical situation by the applicant.  How quick he/she can take a decision or how much it is successful.

Conducting these tests can be very beneficial in choosing the best staff. Most of the companies nowadays conduct computer skills tests as this is the basic need of all the companies.


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