Basics for Beautiful Hair

Every Indian woman dreams of having long, dark and lustrous hair. Although, there is no denying that genes play a major role in giving you good hair but if you were not lucky enough to be blessed with the hair you want even then do not lose hope. It is surprising what consistent good hair care can do to improve the condition of your hair no matter how bad they are. Here are a few ways you can nourish your hair to get luscious locks which you can find in most magazines meant for beauty tips in Hindi for hair.

  1. Eat Right

You must have seen celebrities endorse biotin supplements all over your social media to get good hair. But these supplements are often quite a disaster for your health as they are often way above the healthy daily recommendation of biotin which might give you the fast result but can cause a lot of health complication. So the solution to this is to include food items in your diet which are rich in biotin to boost your hair growth. Avocados, cauliflower, banana, salmon, nuts and seeds like chia seed and almonds are an abundant source of biotin. You can make a smoothie for yourself to enjoy for breakfast with a combination of biotin rich ingredients. The hair is constructed majorly out of protein so it is important that you have protein rich food like meat, eggs, pulses and legumes to get thick hair.  You should also need to include foods that are rich in fatty acids like omega 3 to add a healthy shine to your hair. Fatty fishes, walnuts, flaxseed are good sources of omega 3.

  1. Oiling for hair growth

Oiling the hair every few days is a tradition in Indian homes which has been passed down from one generation to other. Oiling not only conditions and nourishes dry, damaged hair but massaging the scalp with oil improved blood circulation and aids in hair growth. Oils like coconut oil are also antibacterial and antifungal which helps in fighting off infections in the scalp. Castor oil is a wonder oil for hair growth as touted by many articles on beauty tips for hair in hindi. It is also anti fungal and anti bacterial which helps in fighting dandruff. It is rich in ricinoleic acid which not only helps to improve circulation in the scalp but also maintains a healthy ph level when applied to the scalp. The antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids in the oil helps in nourishing and deeply moisturizing the hair and make it smooth and less frizzy. However, you should ideally oil your hair the night before shampooing it and mainly concentrate on massaging the scalp with the oil. If you put too much oil to the hair shaft, you will need lot of shampoo to wash it off which can in turn, dry out your hair.

  1. Shampoo

Use a gentle, SLS and paraben free shampoo to clean out your hair every 2 to 3 days. Make sure to wet your hair thoroughly, they take the shampoo in your palms and work it into a lather which you will further work into your scalp and massage gently for some time. Them wash off and repeat two more times to have squeaky clean hair. Then, finally, use a conditioner to soften your tresses.

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