Best health tracker Apps of all time

Applications to help you track daily fitness

We have all gone on a fitness spree and tried all the trending fads at some point in our lives. But somehow failed miserably, either due to lethargy or maybe, because you weren’t tracking your progress right?

Everyone needs a little push to lose those extra pounds or take in some healthy calories, and that is exactly what health tracking apps do.

They calculate your caloric intake, consumption of water, sleeping cycles, the miles you’ve walked and also your BMI!

Either for peace of mind or boosting your metabolism, here are the top health tracking apps based on their interface, utility, ratings and user-friendly features.

  1. Lifesum:

Diet is crucial on the journey to being healthy, whether you want to lose few inches around your waist or gain some, keeping track of your meals and eating clean is a necessity.

This app gives access to various recipes and personalizes an exclusive diet plan for you; keto diet, low-carb, high-protein, you choose! It also gives expert diet tips and keeps you motivated. The Macro tracker and Calorie counter keep count on the amount of energy consumption and calories per meal which is a great feature.

  1. MyFitnessPal:

This app does an all-around job of keeping your health in check with its multidisciplinary features. It helps loose, gain or maintain weight by letting the user log their meals for the day, amount of water consumption and also their workout regime. It also provides for a barcode scanner that can be used to log food. The app does exactly what it promises to by tracking the user’s progress and inspiring millions on their journeys to fitness.

  1. Headspace:

Mental health contributes to fitness as much as physical health does and overlooking it isn’t the sanest.

Headspace takes care of it by offering a wide range of exercises for your brain to control your anxiety or let your stress off. It relaxes, nourishes and energizes your mind and leaves not just your brain aglow but your body too. This app harbours a wide range of sessions from mindfulness to classic meditation techniques for the beginners.

  1. Fitbit:

There is no better combo than a Fitbit device and its app. The user can simply connect his/her device to the app and enjoy the easy and efficient services of Fitbit. The GPS tracks your footsteps, distance covered, calories burned and the miles ran and is available easily on eBay or other e-commerce stores. It can also track your Yoga and workout routines.

The app has an ‘All Day Heart Rate Tracking’ feature and provides to you the fun of challenging and comparing your stats with your friends.

  1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge:

For all the homebodies out there, who prefer working out their place than hit a gym, this app is the one to download. The workouts designed in the app, have been scientifically proven to improve fitness and health and are comparable to Apple apps. The app acts as a trainer, providing a step by step progress for the beginners and increased intensity training. It also helps choose the best workout regime for you and reminds you to exercise every day.



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