Ranthambore – A Popular National Park in India

Tiger Sighting has become an ordinary activity among the visitors from across the globe. Wildlife lovers move to different wildlife reserves around the year for obtaining the outstanding view of the ferocious and majestic tigers. The outstanding Ranthambore National Park is a well-known national park in India. It spreads 1,334 Square Kilometres of the area. This place is popular for its world famous Royal Bengal Tigers.

Ranthambore National Park is a favorite place for a large number of tourists and this prominent place is definitely a dream place for all of the wildlife photography lovers that will blow your mind and take you into a fascinating world apart from the specific city and away from stone and dust.

Various wildlife reserves are present in India but Ranthambore is somewhat special for its dry unproductive lands, gravel roads, colorful atmosphere along with historical forts. The enthusiastic visitors should go for ranthambore tour packages and enjoy to the fullest.

If you want to know more about this wonderful place, then follow the following context:

Devoted to the Wildlife

Ranthambore featured with an extraordinary and unique ecosystem along with a rich biodiversity. Visitors can conveniently watch the splendid Tigers and various other exotic animals including Leopard, Indian Flying Fox, Sloth Bears, Black Bucks, Desert Cats, Jackals, Rattles, Five-striped Palm Squirrels, and Mongoose. The list is continued – this amazing place associated with a varied group of Reptiles, such as Snub Nosed Marsh Crocodile, Cobras, Pythons, Desert Monitor Lizard and so on. The tour will be a treat for all the wildlife lovers.

Captivating Safari to Ranthambore Forest

Forest safari is a wonderful opportunity to watch as well as photograph the prime highlights associated with this park. This is an impressive overland trip into its thick forest. Here you get two alternatives – either you can hire a Canter featured with twenty seats or you have another option of Jeep consisting six seats and you have to pay as per your selection. You will greatly enjoy whenever you enter this animal world to view the wild pass independently in their domain. Visitors can enjoy the overall experience in their journey and it will be an astonishing moment whenever they spot one.

Amazing Bird Viewing Site

If one likes something impelling, he or she can lift his or her feet away from the ground to view the grassland. He or she also discovers some enchanting birds of India. It is for individuals, who featured with staying power because to have an enchanting bird experience, patience and calmness are essential and high-quality binoculars’ set is important as well.

Various rare and beautiful birds are the attraction of this place. Ranthambore habitat surrounded by water bodies and varied terrains, resulting in the excellent and outstanding elements for distinctive animals and birds. This place has documented 272 species so far. Some eye-catching birds are Gray Hornbills, Nightjars, Flycatchers, and Flamingos.

An Old Banyan Tree with Rich Vegetation

Birds and animals wandering in the enchanting Wildwood, at the same time, the vegetation depicts its role concurrently. The particular dry grassland houses vast part of plants and animals involving about 300 species, sufficient to fascinate you.

Ranthambore National Park is hugely popular for its fascinating Banyan Tree. It’s leathery and large leaves comprise a large area and have made it an appropriate shade. The Ranthambore’s forest featured with lots of different plants, vegetation with eccentric and mind-blowing flowers.

A Fort Surrounded by the Dense Woods

Ranthambore also coated like a heritage place, as this place has illustrative ruins linked to the fort inside the park. Visitors experience some beautiful lakes and authentic forts throughout this national park that is portraying wonderfully inside this wildlife reserve.

The Ranthambore fort constructed around 700ft elevated. It is located inside the particular park of over 5 km. This fort is identified and it is a section of UNESCO World Heritage Site including the caption “Hill Forts of Rajasthan”.

Famous Natural History Museum

The regional museum of Natural History (fourth in the country) is situated 9 kilometers from Sawai Madhopur nearby Ramsinghpura. This museum scatters the land of around 7.2 acres. It also provides incredible educational and also extracurricular activities.

A library is there, where tourists can easily read books about wildlife destination, biodiversity, and flora and fauna of Rajasthan. Avid readers can read about wildlife and after that, taking a tour of the specific Museum. Both of these activities will enrich the visitors with excellent knowledge prior to their visit to park.

Perfect Resorts for Enjoying Wildlife Holiday

Holiday planning means planning of accommodation is a must and if the destination heads to an unknown place, then it is very important to plan accordingly. Ranthambore offers the visitors its premium and best resorts to luxury hotels. One can discover budget-friendly lodgings in Sawai Madhopur along with other lavish villas also.

 If anyone wants a perfect amalgamation of camping and comfort in the amazing woods, it will be great to book into some high-end and extraordinary resorts including Nahargarh, Vivanta by Taj, and Sher Vilas. Other options are also available in case the visitors want to live in simple yet delightful camps.

Railway “ART” Station

Wildlife adventure just initiates from the particular platform, as Sawai Madhopur Railway Station of Ranthambore featured with a renovation. Its outstanding makeover involved with the wildlife Graffiti is created by expert artist Mr.Gajanand Singh. He has received many appreciations for his talent.

Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur Railway Station has become an outstanding wildlife museum and the stunning station in this country. Through describing the majestic beauty, it has been announced as the first ‘Heritage Railway Station’ in the country and is also the winner of national Tourism Award 2014-15’ for being the ‘best tourist-friendly railway station.’

The Appropriate Union of Wild along with Craft

In this amazing place, the native village women work hard for showing their expertise along with displaying their efforts. Village Women are skilled in making woolen rugs, silk (hand-knotted), fashionable and decorated oriental rugs etc.

Peaceful Markets, Lakes, and Temples

Ranthambore is famous for its wildlife reserve, natural vegetation along with its ancient temples and amazing forts.

Ranthambore is waiting for its exploration.

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