Restaurant-style meals at home: Conrad Gallagher tells how to do it

After a good meal at your favorite restaurant, life seems good. But when you try to replicate your favorite dish at home, it just does not turn out to be the same. Why is this? Well, here are some great tips from Conrad Gallagher to make restaurant-style food at home.

Juice up, says Conrad Gallagher

If you can never really make the perfect sauce at home, then do as the chefs do. Juicing up herbs and vegetables separately and then combining them is a great idea and the professional chefs do it all the time. It gives depth of flavor to your dish. All you need to do is put herbs in your juicer and juice them up. Next goes the vegetables. Now combine them and use it as a sauce that is drizzled over your meat or fish. It is a wonderful way of adding more flavors to your dinners.

Do a 3 with a single vegetable

If you have always wondered how vegetables taste so good when you eat them at the restaurant, then you must know that you have to layer them up. For example, if you have some good carrots with you, then roast up a few, keep a few raw for the crunchiness and pickle some to have that bite. Put all these textures and flavors in the same meal and see the profile of your dinner go up!

Make the crispy cutlet you love so much

You may enjoy crispy cutlets of meat at your favorite food joint once in a while and you will be happy to know that you can replicate it at home as well. Fried meats taste awesome. But there is more to a crispy cutlet than just frying. You have got to get the breading right too. It is important that you season every step so that the end result is good. The breading has to be flour, egg and then crumbs to be perfect and each step should be done quickly and efficiently so that when the meat goes into the hot oil, it results in exquisiteness.

Burn the lemon

That’s right. Burning the lemon before squeezing it on top of your dishes is a great way to minus the acidity and bring up the bitterness and the sweetness. It is a wonderful way of bringing out a new flavor profile that will enhance your dinner. You can char the lemon slices in a cast iron pan or skillet and then squeeze it out on your roast chicken.

Try making risotto with whole grains

Professional chefs are all about experimenting as much as they can. According to Conrad Gallagher it is important because it gives an interesting twist to old food. And that is what you could do too at home. When you substitute whole grains for rice, you get a whole lot of nuttiness that rice won’t give you and as long as there is lots of butter and parmesan at hand, the end result is going to be wonderfully flavorful.

As you see, you can cook restaurant-style food at home!

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