How to ensure having a wonderful honeymoon tour?

The honeymoon is something that is just once in a lifetime for the newlywed and hence, it is to be made as much exciting as possible. To ensure this, the right destination and package are to be selected. Although there are places in the country to have the honeymoon trip, one such place that is found to be enchanting and having that romantic air in its very environment is the beautiful hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact, this region boasts of having numerous hill stations that are worth the visit not just once, but repeatedly. There are also various activities for the honeymoon couples to indulge in, during the trip.

The truth is the different hill stations of this state are quite relaxing and indeed a beautiful place to be, to explore each other. There are readily available exciting Himachal Tour Package suited to the budget allocated. One can go for long or short packages as the need may be.

Visiting Manali

This is one hill station in Himachal Pradesh that is considered to be a honeymooner’s paradise. Its calm and serene environment is what has been beckoning couples of all ages to come down here to spend some time with their beloved ones. As a matter of fact, no vacation in the country is termed to be complete without making the trip to Manali. This place is filled with dense snow-covered mountains and pinewood, thus offering some excellent vacation time. Being located amongst the lower Himalayas, the region is connected with Indian mythology. According to it, legendary king Manu had made his residence here and hence, the name Manali has been given to it, which means “Abode of the Goddesses and Gods”.

Thrill and adventure

Adventurous loving couples can find Himachal Pradesh to offer them with several exciting sports and activities to undertake during the trip. Few of them are high altitude trekking, snow skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, etc. Whitewater rafting perhaps is much more interesting when compared to skiing. It is regarded to be among the most sought-after activities by adventure lovers from all over the world.

Exploring the region

There are indeed several places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Sitting with the travel agent and discussing the specific requirements can help to find an ideal location for the trip. This way, the person can have the thrill and frill that is associated with the place. At Manali, there are numerous places of interest to visit. Hadimba temple had been built for Bheema’s wife, a legendary hero of the Mahabharata. Manu Rishi Temple helps the tourists to explore the mysteries of the place. This temple can be found to be set in beautiful pagoda type of architecture and is devoted to Manu, who is credited with having created the whole human race.

There are different types of delicious food that are prepared here to be tried out by the tourists. The daily local diet staples of the region include apples and plums.

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