Top Five Important Steps for Assured Permanent Residency Australia Visa

Many individuals wish to work and settle in foreign countries. Australia is one of the most preferred destinations to settle down by such people. More than ten thousand applications get processed for the permanent Visa in Australia. DIBP – The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has become the busiest departments all through the year in the world to process applications.

Know The Important Steps To Apply For A PR Visa To Australia.

First, know that to apply for Permanent Residency Australia visa you must clear the PBIS (Point Based Immigration System). Follow the steps given below to apply for a permanent visa to live in Australia.

  1. Preparation

The first step must be getting ready for applying for the point based system. Know the different types of visa available to travel to Australia. Then understand under which category you will be eligible to get a permanent visa. Know 189 and 190 subclass visas. Do a detailed study about the point based system and use Australian point calculator to find out where you stand.

Prepare yourself regarding your education, age, language, experience and skills. Apply based on your skills and try to get more points on the system.

  1. Get Ready With Your Documents

After you thoroughly understand the points, prepare your documents. Collect all the necessary certificates and documents supporting employment history. Complete IELTS and obtain the certificate. Also, wherever required fill out the skill assessment and earned scores to apply for Permanent Visa Australia.

  1. Select from CSOL and SOL List

Choose your occupation from the list provided in CSOL and SOL. These records provide with the demanding skills required in Australia across all states. Check your current expertise matches with any the skills listed.

SOL – Skilled Occupation List

CSOL – Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

  1. Express your Interest

Now you know the scores and skills, you must submit an online request. EOI means Express of Interest. You must complete the online form and submit. Remember to provide all your details about your job, skills, education, experience, and language proficiency. Check the score and know if it is more than 60. A minimum score of sixty can help you obtain a PR visa without any problem.

  1. ITA Selection

Your EOI will get processed by the employers across Australia. The company who finds your profile suitable will send you an invite. You must apply for a permanent visa within 60 days from the date of receipt of the ITA (Invitation to Apply). Submit medical certificates obtained from authorized doctors along with the visa application form.

Based on the suitability your visa will get approved. You will receive your PR visa within six months from the time for applying to ITA.

Points to Remember

Provide genuine information and supporting documents

Try and get better scores in IELTS and Skill assessment test to increase your points

Create a covering letter mentioning the reason for applying for a PR visa

Closely follow-up after your get your ITA

Contact trustworthy Migration Company for availing guidance and support.

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