Amazing qualities of Stanozololmaking it a popular medication

Stanozolol is popular by brand names, such as Stanazol50, Winstrobolin or Winstrol and is identified as an anabolic steroid which you can obtain in two different preparations. This medication was formerly used for treating angioedema, which causes puffiness of your face, extremities or throat. This anabolic steroid has numerous benefits which prompt athletes and competitive bodybuilders to use it. This medication is widely known for its anabolic and androgenic properties and its activities are milder in comparison to androgen. However, people of both the genders can use this medication successfully for retaining lean muscles, enhance vascularity and for sculpting their body.

Moreover, this anabolic steroid gets sold under various brand names and every one of them increases both strength and muscle size. This drug is considered the second most popularly used oral steroid and succeeds in popularity by Dianabol only. Additionally, this is regarded as the ideal product for women and is favored for its capability to encourage muscle growth minus water-retention. This is also the reason why this drug is highly respected by both competitive bodybuilders and dieting bodybuilders. Furthermore, this medication permits the users body to manufacture additional quantities of ATP that fuel the muscles for allowing more movement.

Administration for female users

According to the actual prescribing guidelines for women, a regular dosage of 4mg is considered perfect which should be taken twice daily in quantities of 2mg. This splitting is especially recommended for young women who are liable to the androgenic impacts of anabolic steroids. However, this dosage can be increased to 6mg when required. When women use this medication for the purpose of performance enhancement or physique, a dosage of 5mg-10mg per day is quite common and its usage shouldn’t be stretched for more than 4-6 weeks. The injectable steroid is generally suggested at a dosage of 50mg to be given every 2-3 weeks.

However, the injectable version isn’t recommended for women for the purposes of physique or performance enhancement as it permits for lesser regulation over their blood hormone levels. Still, women who inject the injectable version usually administer 25mg for each 3-4 days. Moreover, studies have proved that when you take an anabolic steroid along with food then it decreases its bioavailability. This is because of the fat-soluble feature of the steroid hormones that allows some portion of the drug to get dissolved with undigested dietary fat which lessens its immersion from the users’ gastrointestinal tract. So, for maximum utilization, the oral forms of this medication ought to be taken on the users’ empty stomach.

Post cycle therapy of this medication

The vital thing that you must keep in mind while documenting your involvement with this medication is the PCT. Getting the prior and after impacts of this medication can’t be regarded as the finishing of the cycle. Additionally, you must follow it with specific supplements in order to lock the benefits and avert the side effects. With the usage of this medication, your level of testosterone can get suppressed so you are suggested to use antiestrogens, like Nolvadex or Clomid. This medication is the ideal product for women so it is important to maintain the positive effects even after finishing taking this medication until the time comes for the next cycle.


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