How Kencoin Provides Secure, Private Transactions for the Adult Industry

Privacy is a battleground in the modern world. No matter how much of our private lives we’re willing to share with companies like Google and Apple – or post publicly on Facebook – we still hold back sensitive information like bank account numbers, as well as details that others might use to embarrass or shame us.

Nowhere is this truer than in the area of sexuality. Many of us fight hard to keep our sexual deeds and preferences private – and with good reason. When these details become public, they may cause serious damage to our lives.

In July 2015, for example, a group calling itself “The Impact Team” stole a large amount of user data from Ashley Madison, a commercial website billed as an enabler of extramarital affairs. Between the 18th and 20th of August, the group leaked more than 25 gigabytes of company data, including private user details – and ruining the lives of many members.

To make sure problems like these never happen again, a team of online commerce experts has created Kencoin, a fully anonymous cryptocurrency that cannot be linked to a user’s personal details in any way. Here’s how it works.

Online security

Meet a customer named Mr. X, whose top priority is to keep his sexual interests anonymous. One day, Mr. X visits a website that seems to provide services he’s interested in. He looks through a catalog of live video feeds to meet other users, and likes what he sees. But this service has a cost, and when Mr. X decides to purchase the service, he is asked to identify himself – not only with his personal details but with his financial details as well.

Before Kencoin came along, Mr. X would probably leave the site at that moment – or at least refuse to hand over his credit card info, which could be linked to him personally. But with Kencoin, Mr. X is able to simply pay for the service from his multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The Kencoin, a smart contract transaction on a blockchain, requires no form of identification from the user and provides instant transfer and confirmation.

Offline privacy

Kencoin doesn’t just safeguard privacy online, as Mr. X is about to discover. He’s in Paris for the weekend and is enjoying an evening with a few friends. He arrives at a famous striptease salon and decides to pay a visit. As the night comes to an end and the bill is presented, Mr. X realizes he may not want the establishment’s name to appear on his credit card receipt; a dilemma that makes him uncomfortable.

Before Kencoin, Mr. X would have to risk putting the night on his credit card bill, which others might see. But with Kencoin, all partner merchants are equipped with Kencoin apps to receive payments directly from the Kencoin platform, keeping Mr. X’s offline transaction absolutely anonymous, private and secure. As in the online case, Mr. X’s ability to use Kencoin to purchase services and goods in physical locations further enhances the trade mechanism of the Kencoin.

Stability and dependability

In fact, because clients purchase Kencoins with the intent of using them in traditional commerce environments, Kencoin merchants, in turn, will convert their Kencoins to traditional currencies as necessary to cover their needs. This ensures a steady level of volume in the Kencoin exchange market, reducing the likelihood of crashes in Ken coin’s price due to large sellers – and help maintain the value of the Kencoins in Mr. X’s digital wallet.

Many adult businesses have already integrated Kencoin into their payment processes – and that list is growing. Feedback from early adopters and partners has been positive, and all signs seem to point to even broader adoption across the adult industry. Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a cryptocurrency that’s already gaining wide adoption throughout the adult industry.

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