What are RV Relocation Deals?

Planning on hiring an RV to travel across the country? Do you have a big enough budget to cover the costs of a rental? There are options for even the most budget conscious travellers and they come in the form of RV relocation deals. Everyone loves to travel, but it can be expensive and awkward for many people, looking out for RV relocation promotions may just be the answer to all your problems.

  • What is an RV relocation deal?

You can get your RV rentals in Las Vegas and travel across the state to other cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. An RV relocation is a promotional deal with entitles you to rent an RV for a very small sum of money and drop the vehicle at a designated location chosen by the rental company. It is a one-way transfer where you get to drive the vehicle to another garage, saving the rental company and yourself money.

  • Why are RV relocations so unbelievably cheap?

At first you may think it sounds too good to be true, but you would be mistaken. When a rental company needs to transport a car to another location they have to hire an independent driver or employee to carry out the task, this costs the company money because they usually have to fly the driver back when they have dropped the vehicle off. This service is a win, win for both parties involved as the company gets a driver and you get the opportunity of a low-cost road trip.

  • How do I avail of these offers?

The best way of finding these offers is by regularly checking RV rental websites, they will post relocation dates online, but you have to be quick because these offers are snapped up very quickly.

  • How trustworthy are the rental organisations?

Before hiring a vehicle, it is important to conduct some online research to find out who the most reputable companies are, a quick Google search should turn up RV rental companies who include relocation packages as part of their service. You can also read travel blogs and customer reviews to find out the best rental companies in your location who provide a safe and professional service.

  • Am I covered by insurance?

The answer to that question is yes, every RV rental company has their vehicles insured to allow drivers to enjoy the RV experience. Although some businesses offer free insurance policies other may charge a small fee to cover the cost. It is advisable to contact the customer service department to check what kind of policy they provide.

  • Do I require a specific licence to operate an RV?

A normal car licence will allow you to drive an RV, they are not too dissimilar to cars and most of them operate on an automatic transmission. If you do not hold a licence which was issued in the country you are driving in, make sure that you carry an international licence which permits you to drive in most countries.

Remember to research RV companies before hiring, and enjoy your vacation on the open road.

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