Top 5 Places for Street Shopping in India

India is the best spot for shopping where you want like a king. Shopping is like a small part of the vacation. But there are so many peoples who like to do shopping in their vacation. There are various malls, street shops and markets. Here are the top destinations where you can enjoy your vacation along with shopping.

1. Goa

Goa is known as one of the best travel destinations in South India. This is the land of beaches, party and drinking. At the same time, this is the best spot for shopping in the country. There are several top spots for shopping in this place. If you are on Goa Tour, you ought to visit the Night bazaar, Flea market, Mapusa street market and many others. The top items to buy in this place are junk jewellery, beads, accessories, cloths, cashews, Bebinca, sausage, vintage drinks, spices and many others.

 2. Uttarakhand

If perfect shopping destination is your motto, Uttarakhand is the right place for you. Mall Road is a very famous spot in this area. You can find a lot of items like shawls, sweaters, wooden items and many others. Do you want to relax after a day of shopping? You can find a lot of lakeside clubs here that would be the best spots to grab a few drinks and continue shopping.

3. Bangalore

This is the place where IT is booming and blooming. Thus, the number of top notch malls and street shopping areas has increased a lot in this spot. You can find unique shopping experience at Commercial Street. A walk through this street is considered to be an important activity for tourists. You can finds sandals, jewels, clothes, antiques and many other items here. Are you looking for some rich shopping experience? You can find a lot of pubs, malls and restaurants that would suit your taste.

4. Kolkata

If you want to shop for food and food related items, Kolkata is the best spot. New Market is an area where you can find about 200 shops with varying merchandises. You can find traditional jewels, handicrafts and various other items. Are you are bookworm? You can find a lot of book stores here. The top one to visit is the Oxford Book Store. Apart from these, there are a lot of hyper malls that would suit some rich shopping needs.

5. Pune

A little away from Mumbai, this is the right place for street shopping. The Fashion Street is the best place to grab some clothes and accessories. You can find about 500 stalls or more just for fashion needs. MG Road and FC Road are other important street shopping destinations to visit in Mumbai. Apart from this, you can find Phoenix Market City and many other top notch malls here.

India is a very colourful country. You can experience almost everything here in a different manner. Shopping might not be something new to you. But, a wonderful trip of India can change the style of how you look at shopping. There are a lot more top notch malls and bustling markets in the country which are just the right thing for shopaholics.

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