List of richest CEO under 30 and their net worth:

The digital age and the associated opportunities bring new millionaires and billionaires almost every day. Some of them do not have to wait until their 30th birthday. Obviously, such qualities as ambition, perseverance, discipline, and willingness to work hard are essential to financial success. In terms of money, Elon Musk was an early starter. He gained his wealth before his co-founding of PayPal, Tesla Motors and his project SpaceX, with which he ambitiously pursued plans for excursions into the universe.

The accumulation of his today’s $ 11.9 billion estimated assets began with the sale of his first software company Zip2, which he founded 1996 together with his brother Kimbal. The software provided a kind of online city guide to popular newspapers such as the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Compaq paid $ 307 million in cash for the company in 1999 and $ 34 million in shares. This deal made Musk a multimillionaire at the age of 28 and set the foundation for his further entrepreneurial career.

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– Michelle Phan

She has born in the year 1987 and in 2003 she started a blog detailing her wish for success and she started earning from YouTube. Now she is the owner of the and CEO of ipsy. Her net worth is 3 million dollars.

– Evan Spiegel

He is born in the year of 1990 and he started his career from 2011. He is the CEO and co-founder of Snapchat. His total net worth is 1.5 billion dollars.

– Palmer Luckey

Born in the year 1992 and he is the founder of Oculus VR, his total net worth is 500 million dollars.

– Nick D’Aloisio

His born year is 1995 and his total net worth is 23 million dollars. He is the founder of Summly.

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