Phentermine is extremely efficient but, many users found that there is a decrease in its efficiency when it is used in ling run. When a person is using it for longer time, they tend to become efficient to it.

Phen 375 and its uses

When the body gets used to Phentermine, as it is present in the body, the effects of Phentermine reduces. The body becomes drug tolerance as the drug is used regularly by the body because there will be increase in the enzyme activity which metabolize phentermine. There will be decrease in the cell receptors in the body and the drug tolerance is not as same as addiction. The tolerance and resistance are dependent on the chemical reactions of the body and it will not be dependent on the dosage.

When the body indicates temporary tolerance to Phentermine, one can follow few tips to make the drug more effective. They need to start drinking more water and this will make Phentermine more effective. This is because the person is trying to confuse the brain for thirst with hunger. So when more water is drank, the person feels full before meals. When the recommended water intake is taken, the water weight of the body is lost; this makes the overall weight loss more effective.


Look to reduce the phentermine in body – A knowhow

Protein also helps in strengthening the hair and fight against the side effects of phentermine. If a person becomes more tolerance, then it is better to take a tolerance break and stop using Phentermine for few days. Other way is to increase the alkaline levels of the body by increasing foods like carrots, spinach, apples, spinach and this is increase the ph levels and most of the dose of phentermine will be excreted out of the body. Acid foods like soda, alcohol must be avoided and more water with lemon juice must be taken in the morning.

Break of Phentermine when it stops working

When a person feels phentermine is used by the body and it’s not working for them for weight loss, then they need to go for a break of phentermine and continue diet and workouts. There are few benefits while taking phentermine break when it is not working. This will help the person to withdraw their body from the symptoms. It’s better to use the medication as prescribed by the body and not to stop, until he suggests altering the given dose. During the phentermine break, the doctor will be monitoring the weight loss. If there is weight gain when phentermine is taken, then the diet plan and exercise must be altered. One must remember than long term use of phentermine can cause stress, high blood pressure and chest pains. So when phentermine break is taken, it will reduce pressure on heart. Phentermine must not be used for more than 12 weeks as the person gets addicted to Phentermine. Once the dose is completed, then break of at least four weeks must be taken.


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