What Different Items Of Hotel Linen And Clothing Can Be Provided By A Laundry Service?

Running a hotel requires a lot of planning. Everything from the rooms to the gardens needs to be taken care of and hotel managers will spend a lot of their time trying to fix problems which have suddenly occurred. They will want their staff to perform at maximum efficiency at all times and they will also want the guests to have a pleasurable and seamless experience whilst they are staying at the hotel.

The hotel requires a lot of different linen and staff uniforms so that everything looks perfect and that employees are presentable to the guests at all times. This requires a lot of different items to be bought or hired. Specialist companies such as Johnsons Stalbridge will be able to provide hotels with anything that they need. Which hotel linen and clothing can be provided by a professional laundry service?

Hotel Towels

Guests need to be able to dry themselves thoroughly when they have finished taking a shower or they have decided to stop swimming and get out of the hotel pool. They will need a soft, clean towel to dry themselves completely before they put their clothes on. A professional laundry and linen service will have plenty of towels in stock.

As the hotel manager, you will be able to select from a wide range of different towels that will vary in colour and thickness. You need to make sure that the colour and pattern on the towel matches up with the colour scheme of the entire hotel. This will make the hotel look extremely well put together.

One of the unfortunate aspects of running a hotel is that sometimes towels can become lost or they might even get stolen by guests. This can be extremely inconvenient for the hotel manager. When this happens, they should make sure that they ring up the linen hire company for some quality replacements. Then they will not have to worry about the misplaced towels at all.

Hotel Bedroom Bedsheets

Guests want to sleep on crisp sheets that have been washed and are free of stains and odours. If guests find that their sheets are unclean and stained, then they might file a complaint against the hotel and choose to never stay there again. This can damage the reputation of the hotel if negative reviews start to crop up on hotel review sites.

Linen services will be able to provide the highest-quality pillows, duvet covers and under sheets in quantities which suit the exact needs of the hotel. The hotel can then send the bed linen to the exact same company that they hired or bought everything from. This makes the hotel manager’s life much easier and will create a high degree of efficiency.

The bedsheets can be replaced on a regular basis and new ones can be hired or bought from the same company. This ensures that a quality standard is always maintained.

Hotel Doorman Uniforms

The hotel needs to maintain high standards, which includes the appearance of all staff members. Hotels might not want to spend a lot of money on custom-made uniforms. This is especially true of hotels which have just opened, and hotels which have low overheads and hotels which are struggling through the low season but need to make sure that their staffs look excellent.

One of the best ways to keep costs low is to hire hotel uniforms that are stylish and cost-effective. This will give the guests the impression that the hotel employees are diligent and hard-working.

First impressions count for everything, so the quality of the hotel doorman uniforms need to be at the highest standards. It is their job to greet the guests with a smile as they are walking through the door for the first time. The doorman’s uniform can be provided by the linen company.

Hotel Restaurant Napkins

Hotel napkins need to be durable because they are used by guests when they are eating their meals. The napkins need to be extremely soft so that guests feel that they are being given a quality service. These napkins can be provided by a specialist linen company. The hotel manager will be able to inspect lots of different types of napkins to make sure that they find some which are suitable for the hotel restaurant.

These napkins can always be switched for a different style if the hotel manager feels if it is time for the hotel restaurant to have a makeover. The hotel napkins can also be washed by the same laundry and linen service that provided them.  This is incredibly convenient and will allow the manager to not have to worry about quality at all.

Hotel Restaurant Tablecloths

The tablecloths of the hotel restaurant need to be pristine, resilient and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This is something that the guests will appreciate, even if they do not consciously notice it. Restaurant tablecloths can be provided by a specialist linen company and they will have a wide selection for hotel managers to choose from. The style of the tablecloths needs to match the overall décor of the restaurant because otherwise, this can make the room look quite strange.

The tablecloths can be changed when the manager feels like it is time to alter the style of the entire restaurant.

Hotel Kitchen Staff Uniforms

The kitchen staffs help to make sure that the hotel restaurant is running smoothly. They need to have durable and comfortable clothes to work in because they are in a warm environment and stains can be quite frequent. Hotel restaurant staff might feel uncomfortable if they are wearing poor quality clothes that tear easily or retain grease and stains.

The linen company will be able to make sure that everyone from the busboy to the head chef has clean and stylish clothes that they can wear to work on a daily basis.

Hotel managers should research quality linen services so that they can hire uniforms for their staff members.

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