July 24, 2024

Out of the major attractions available all over the world like the statue of liberty, the peak country’s amazing beauty attracts most of the tourists. The constant reason for planning up a tour is that the people want some relief from their hectic work and they wish to discover and enjoy some of the places unknown to them. In one article we cannot describe about all the major tourist spots and the attractive things in it, so let us discuss about the top tourist spot named the Ipoh, which is situated in Malaysia. All the amazing places situated in Ipoh shall tend to be visited by more tourists as it gives them peace of mind. Some of the most famous places had been discussed below. I am damn sure that this article will be loved by all kinds of people who wish to enjoy their tour to a fascinating place. Let’s move on to the article.

First of all let’s discuss about the scenic beauty of Ipoh. Ipoh is the place which is surrounded by many castles and caves. There are more historical places in Ipoh. One such most attractive historical place is the Birch Memorial Clock Tower which is situated here with more fascinating stories behind each building. Some of the places like the concubine lane, Kellie’s castle have more years of history and those places will give more comfortable for all kinds of people. The temple named the Ling Sen Tong Temple is said to be the majestic cave temple present in that area and it is one of the temples which had been visited by most of the tourists visiting Ipoh.  This temple is surrounded by wonderful garden which has many lovely plants and it will helps in providing peace inside the temple.

After reading this article, many travelling lovers would have got an idea to visit this place and enjoy those places discussed above. In order to make sure of your plan, just book the bus tickets at the flexible website named the easybook.com which will provide you with the tickets to the bus from KL to Ipoh.