Defibrillator: The device with immense uses

The Defibrillator is equipment which is used for life-threatening health conditions which cause an adverse effect on the rhythm of heart like ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmia, and pulseless ventricular tachycardia. The process consists of delivering an electric shock to Heart in order to cause depolarization of Heart muscle. It helps to have the normal functioning of the Heart re-establishing its electrical impulse. The equipment which is used for giving the therapeutic shock to heart is known as defibrillator.

Defibrillators are majorly categorized into three types which include External defibrillators, implanted defibrillators, and Transvenous defibrillators. The first time it was presented by Prevost and Batelli who were two physiologists from Geneva University in the year 1899. By performing various studies on animals, they established that delivering large electrical shocks can reverse fibrillation.

Defibrillators suppliers in India can be sourced externally as well as from online shops. One can pick from various brands and features as per the requirement.

What happens during a Heart attack?

1.When your heart stops beating, and blood does not flow properly, the brain stops getting required amount of oxygen which can cause death in few minutes. That’s the very reason why people with cardiac arrest need immediate treatment.

2.When a one suffers from a Heart attack, the heart might go to quivering limbo which is known as fibrillation. The only option to keep the heart going and infuse back life in it is that of electric shock. The life-saving job for the heart is done by a defibrillator.

3.Defibrillators initially used to require hours of training, but with the onset of portable and automatic defibrillators, the job has become very easy. In fact, at many places, such machines are installed in public areas so that even people with minimal or no knowledge can take resort to these equipments as a first-aid treatment in case of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The defibrillators apply high voltage current which ranges from 200 to 1000 volts which can be sustained by the heart of a person. The use of equipment also requires the person to place the paddles at the right position. The positioning of paddle determines the flow of current from the heart as well as prevents the skin from burning. Also for better results and conduction, good electrical contact with skin is required. Hence, a gel is applied on the chest first for enough conduction.One can buy a defibrillator online from any of the renowned portals which deal with the supply of medical equipments at affordable prices.

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