Useful Tips for Large Tour Group Managers

Even a professional tour guide would find a group of 25 a challenge, especially if we are talking about a two week travelling holiday, which is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and with so many wonderful sights to see, there are many options for suitable routes. There are a few reasons why people are turning to organised tours, including the ever increasing costs of running a vehicle and also the environmental impact of self-driving. Eco-friendly folk are happy to join a large group that uses a coach for transportation, and by carefully choosing the package, they will see everything they wanted to and need not worry about transport or accommodation. Managing the tour involves arranging both transport and accommodation, with everything choreographed to ensure a smooth experience for the customer, and if you are new to the tour industry, here are a few tips to help make the project work.


Of course, you will need to outsource critical services, which would typically include transportation. There are many companies offering various levels of coach hire, from a small 15-seater, to a double level super coach, and multiples thereof. You will need to forge an alliance with such a company, and reliability is critical, so choose carefully with coach hire companies.


This can either be a major headache or a breeze, and it all depends on how thorough your research is. All hotels and resorts will bend over backwards to receive your clients, but the trick is, to seal a deal with a venue that can guarantee a positive experience for their customers. The length of the tour will very much determine how much you can fit into the schedule, and never make the mistake of overkill with the activities, as it then becomes like a forced march for the tourist. Over a 10 day period, there should be at least 3 days when people can relax and do their own thing, and you can also have some optional day trips, which can be booked in advance.

Contact Numbers

One of the first things you require is a list of all the tour participants’ names and contact numbers, as a group of 50 will always have a few who stray from the main group and either get lost or are so engrossed in what they are doing, they have forgotten about the departure time. If you key in everyone’s name and number into your smartphone memory, this will become invaluable, at least on a couple of occasions, if not more. All you essential service numbers should also be very handy, and calling the hotel a few hours prior to arrival is a wise move. The more notice you have when there’s a hitch, the more chance you have of smoothing it over.

Local Attractions

The heart of the tour, these venues demand you cultivate a good working relationship, and bearing in mind how much business you are throwing their way, you should expect first class service for your clients.

Managing a tour requires a high level of dedication, superb organisational skills, and above all, have a calm and pleasant manner at all times.

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