How to Tackle your Travel Bucket List This Year

Everyone has their own travel bucket list. Some of them are extravagant, and some of them are simple, but either way it’s about time you checked them off. If you have some extravagant experience on your travel bucket list, then you need the right travel company. Here are some of the incredible experiences offered by luxury travel companies. Book yourself a Minibus Hire Manchester to get here.

Polar Cruising

Antarctica is quite possibly the final frontier for some real adventure. It has some incredible untouched scenery, and of course the wildlife is incredible. Polar Cruising involves taking an expedition through the Arctic and getting to see and experience it all for yourself. Needless to say, it’s an unforgettable experience. There’s never been a better time to go polar cruising thanks to the damage being done to the polar ice caps. It’s slowly becoming one of those things that you have to do “while you can” rather than “when you can”.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Even though the Kilimanjaro climb is relatively straightforward, it’s still impossible to do alone. To make the trek you’ll need pots for cooking, a tent for sleeping, and plenty of other tools. These need to be carried, and for that you’ll need a great porter. Kilimanjaro is one of the most eco-diverse peaks there is, with so many incredible routes you won’t know which one to take. It’s so good, you might have to do it more than once!

Darwin’s Laboratory

The Galapagos Islands in South America is one of the richest and most diverse experiences imaginable. It’s not hard to understand why the Galapagos Islands could be considered “Darwin’s Laboratory” as it is filled with a huge range of wildlife including sea lions, cormorants, albatross, and many other creatures great and small. A must for animal lovers!

The Trans-Siberian Express

The Trans-Siberian Express is the ultimate trip to take in a broad range of cultures and destinations. This trip takes you through Russia, where you will experience the vast plains and the cosmopolitan cities, finishing your journey in the coastal Vladivostok, which leaves you feeling like you’re in San Francisco, except if San Francisco was in Istanbul and was filled with infrastructure out of the Soviet era. This is a trip that takes you across all of Russia and lets you experience everything from the height of Russian politics in Moscow, to the height of geography in Lake Baikal; one of the oldest geographical features in the world.

The Temples of Angkor

The Temple of Angkor might seem out of place in the Buddhist Cambodia, seeing how the temple is the greatest temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, but the temple is all that remains of a glorious Hindu kingdom that reached as far as China and Burma. Angkor is an incredibly beautiful sight, even in a country with as many beautiful temples as Southeast Asia has. The temple is built from thousands of sandstone blocks, and the interior is filled with carvings depicting the legends of the Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, stretching over 3000km up the northern Australian coast. Just in case you weren’t aware of the Great Barrier Reef; this natural wonder is the single largest network of coral reefs in the world, with 400 different species of coral, 1500 species of fish, and some 30 species of whales, porpoises, and dolphins. There are even some sea turtles and sea snakes. There has never been a better time to visit the reef either, as it is now under threat from rising sea temperatures.

The Great Wall of China

Every country has something about them that must be seen. For China, that is the Great Wall of China, which covers most of the country. It’s far more than just a wall; it’s an incredible maze of walls and fortifications that spreads for 8850KM across the northern end of the country. While it isn’t true that you can see the Great Wall from space, what is true is that just walking even one section of the wall will humble you through its sheer indestructability.

No matter how wild and crazy your travel bucket list, there is a travel agency out there that can make it happen. All you need to do is save up your money and pack your bags. It’s easier said than done, sure, but it can be done.

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