How to check Printing problem checklist

There are many events when the availability of a printer is a must. Many people need to have different printouts to keep a record as well as to send them as the official proof. At such moments one feels it crucial to get the printouts, and the printer stops working or connecting, it really irritates. Hence, one needs to take some actions that can help to fix the connectivity problem of the printer with the system.One must know that there are some basic steps on how to check printing problem checklist. First of all, one needs to see that the printer is switched on and it is rightly connected with the system with the help of cables or Bluetooth as the case may be. If the printer is rightly connected, and it is also switched ON, there must be some other problem areas. Hence, one needs to take a few actions which can help the user to solve the connectivity problem.

1.One needs to go to the control panel and click on the option of Printers and Faxes; Here one needs to select the printer that is installed. Here one can see that the printer is showing offline and one needs to unchecked it. Once it is unchecked check it as online and the printer must be showing online now and working.

2.One also needs to check that the cartridges are also filled with ink, and it is not blank. Because of the lack of ink in the cartridge also, Printer may not be working, and hence one needs to check the cartridges, refill them or replace them and try again. If the cartridges are fine, the printer must be working now. If still there is a problem, one needs to check for the cable connection.

3.Just check that the cable is properly connected and it is not cut from any side. One needs to unplug it and plug again so that the system can detect it perfectly. If the printer is yet not detected, just restart the system and connect the printer once again. These actions must resolve the problem now.

4.If the problem is still there and the printer is not getting connected, one needs to check the printer drivers as due to corrupted drivers it may not be able to connect. One can uninstall the drivers and reinstall them so that the communication process between the printer and the system can be smooth end. In some cases, the updating of drivers can also be the reason behind the trouble of connecting. One can download the printer drivers from the internet and reinstall them. After the installation, one needs to restart the system so that the drivers can take effect.

5.The paused queue can be another reason due to which one may not be able to print the job. In case one has paused the queue to stop the printing of some jobs, the printer may not be able to take any print command till the list is completed. In this case, one needs to check the hold task and remove it. After the removal, one needs to press the Online Key button to start the printing job.This must resolve the problem and still if the printer do not print just ask an expert to help

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