Reasons to Love a Cottage over a Hotel

When visiting the Peak District, you expect to enjoy a certain level of luxury wherever you go and whatever you do. For this reason, you simply cannot settle for the simplicity and low quality offered by a hotel company. To increase comfort and enjoyment across the board, clever holiday travellers have turned to cottages as a wonderful alternative. Although slightly more expensive at first glance, the amenities offered quickly make it clear that you stand to gain from the choice.

Whether you are a citizen or flew in just for your Peak District holiday, you cannot afford to miss out on the many amazing things to love about this location. From beautiful outdoor landscapes to chances to run into some of the world’s most curious and beautiful wildlife, you stand to have an amazing time moving through this part of the world. Countryside walks, cycle routes, campsites, and caravan parks make this place one of the best for family and group holidays, especially if those in attendance are used to spending their time indoors. It is here, in the Peak District, that they will quickly discover their love for nature and all its wonders.


Compared to a hotel, you gain 30% or more in regard to space even when you choose the smallest cottages available. For example, the typical hotel would have no more than one or two beds, a TV, a tiny sitting area for two people, and about one square metre of walking space. However, cottages offer everything you love about a house, with separate bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge area, and more. Depending on your budget and the size of your group, you could fit more than eight people inside one cottage without anyone being forced to share their personal space.

For groups that are not family, such a benefit is ideal. Couples travelling together, church groups, wedding parties, and more choose Peak District as their destination of choice each year. However, not everyone in these groups would prefer to spend their time at their accommodations within touching distance of the entire group. Rather than spending the additional money to book extra rooms or upgrade to what hotels consider large rooms, you could simply choose a cottage. Cottages to hire in the Peak District area are often more cost-effective than other options, especially when such groups split the price.


As just mentioned, cottages offer larger groups the ability to book just one location for their stay. Each room rented at a hotel would be an additional charge, and they would not enjoy any additional amenities for the price increase. With a cottage, the group may split the cost as they see fit, effectively allowing them to spend less than they would at a hotel on a location with more space and greater comforts.

Even if you are a family looking for more luxury and comfort during your stay, you cannot fail to consider a cottage. The price associated is still exceptionally cost-effective, and none of your children would be forced to sleep on a tiny cot or a sofa. With younger children and teenagers, being forced to stay in the same room as their parents can be frustrating and rather embarrassing, but cottages allow separate rooms for this very reason.

Home Comfort

In addition to more room and a cost-effective price, cottages also offer a wide range of comforts associated with your own home. Depending on your budget, you may choose a cottage with multiple full bathrooms, also typically larger than those offered in a hotel. Along with more room for basic cleanliness, you also receive a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you need to make a full and nutritious meal. For those visiting the Peak District for the first time, it may be tempting to eat every single meal outside of the cottage, however, these travellers quickly discover that they lose valuable budgeting power with this option and do not have the money they need for other activities.

However, a fully-equipped kitchen allows you to save time and money. A simple trip to the local store could give you a week’s worth of groceries for the price of eating out just once, especially for a family or large group. Not only could you still taste the local fruits, meats, and spices, but you could put your own spin on things to better enjoy your time there. No matter if you use the kitchen just for late night snacks with friends and family or actively save money with it, this amenity can only help you during your stay.


In addition to your own rooms, you never need to worry about your neighbours again. When you rent a home in a hotel, you must essentially share your space with everyone on your floor. The guests above and below you also have a key role in the comfort of your stay. When you bring children along for the adventure, you never know what type of person may decide to take a stroll down the halls one afternoon, whether they be unpleasantly rude and loud or simply frightening.

With a cottage, you book your stay in the equivalent of a house, with a yard and space in between your accommodations and your neighbour’s. No matter how long you plan to stay, you never need to look at your neighbours or speak to them unless you simply have the mind to do so. For this reason alone, thousands of people choose cottages over hotels each year, especially during the busier seasons of the year. To accommodate their needs and increase privacy across the board, those who rent out the cottages work hard to make the grounds beautiful and increase security in the cottages with the latest equipment.

When you first book a cottage, it may be tempting to wonder just how worth it the choice might be in the long run. However, the very first night spent there should quickly make the answer clear, and you will get the absolute most out of your time in the Peak District. Whether you spend all day outdoors and only come home to cook a hot meal, watch a program or two, and then go to sleep, you can only benefit from a cottage.

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