July 24, 2024

Do you wish you could sit at home or at a remote location and manage employee schedules, track their efficacy and process payroll in your small band of employees? Well, now you can. To learn details of how you can do this, visit our site at https://timeclockgenie.com

You can log into our site and install the software. The software records employee data remotely and generates reports. To access our internet based service, visit https://timeclockgenie.com. The website describes the features of the software. It also has a download link and sign up page on the same site.

The URL lands you on the Home page which gives you an overview of what our tool does for your employee scheduling requirements. The tool is available for use once you sign up for it. To sign up for the tool, click on the tab to get the software. You will be redirected to the sign up page, which has a form of personal details and business email address. You will also have to give a personal or business phone number in the form. The software will be available to you once you fill in accurate details.

Before signing up you can look at the Features in detail. The Features are available from the Features Tab on the Home page. The Features page discusses the clock in clock out features; the ability to switch or swap schedules. You can also read about how payroll processing occurs from this page. The tool records all clock in and clock out times of an employee. These records are then used to generate reports. The reports vary and range from records of employees work hours to payroll calculations. You can also learn about how you can customize the schedules and software for your use.

After installation, if you have any queries, these are addressed from the FAQ section. This section has Q&A and which address all the common queries. If your queries are not resolved through the FAQ’s the website also provides contact details. Our phone contact number is highlighted on the top right section of the top bar and is available on all pages. Or you can visit the Contact Us page for further details.