The part of steroids in muscle building

Steroids are basically classified into two groups. One is for medical purpose and another is to enhance athletic performance. Corticosteroids are used to treat inflammation and asthma diseases. Asthma patients are prescribed with corticosteroid inhaler to control their heavy wheezes. It also helps to treat various conditions say multiple sclerosis, eczema, lupus, cancer AIDS, etc., the delayed onset of puberty is also treated with such drugs. It is a cortisol hormone produced in the adrenal gland. Certain genes are activated by transcription factors that produce proteins which dilate the blood vessels, heat up the entire area. Corticosteroid hormones suppress these genes. They bind to the receptor sites in cells and essentially turn the transcription process of the genes off. Such corticosteroids are available as a cream over-the-counter topical creams and heavy drugs that require a prescription.

While we talk about such drugs in sports activities, it helps in building up of muscle tissue; the drugs are called anabolic supplements.

When the muscles damaged in the body, the damaged muscles will be naturally repaired and new, stronger muscle fibers will be built. This process is called as muscular hypertrophy. When the process happens continuously, the muscles grow larger and stronger eventually. During the process of muscular hypertrophy, the hormone testosterone is used both in men and women as the primary ingredient.

Anabolic supplements action in the body

While we introduce a synthetic version of anabolic supplements, it is allowed to enter into the blood stream and carried to the muscle tissues. The body then moves the synthetic hormone to its androgen receptors, which are the nutrient receptors of each cell. The anabolic drug then interacts with the cells and triggers a protein synthesis that escalates growth on a cellular level. Depends on the type of anabolic drugs, dosage level the body will show different results ranges from bulky muscles to lithe, lean muscles. This is because each synthetic derivative will have its own way of interaction.

Steroids activity on muscles:

Anabolic steroids are mostly used by athletes, sprinters, bodybuilders to develop a large, bulky body. Certain drugs have the tendency to promote fat loss instead of muscle gain, endurance instead of strength or rapid muscle growth. When using the anabolic supplement for endurance, it enters in the muscle cells and blocks cortisol from binding with them. It lessens the muscle breakdown which in turns reduces the fatigue. With less fatigue, an athlete can work out and compete with his counterpart. Since most of the anabolic supplements are illegally obtained from the underground market, it is difficult to ensure whether the athlete obtained the exact power of anabolic supplement. Such poor quality drugs might cause severe side effects say swing mood, liver and kidney damage, insomnia, increased hunger, blurred vision, high blood pressure, glaucoma, weight gain, excessive hair growth or hair loss etc.,

Anabolic supplements act in building up of muscle tissue whereas corticosteroids are used to treat various medical conditions. After consulting the physician only, the users may start up with anabolic drugs for body augmentation.

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