July 24, 2024

Babies are the cutest living things that are alive on the planet. They cry, they poop, deprive you of sleep, yet they mean the world to the parents. Babies when start to crawl, walk or stand, they tend to fall frequently because they hardly know how to balance themselves on their feet. But as parents you would have wondered, despite of falling many times they don’t have broken a bone. So what is the reason behind it? These are some answers that parents are always looking for.

Why don’t babies have broken bones when they fall?

We all know that baby’s bones are very soft till first year of their birth. But then arises another question, do baby have kneecaps? Of course, babies are born with kneecaps; however they are much softer than of adults. The bone structure of the baby and the adult is absolutely same; but are softer in their adolescent years, yet strong enough to support their bodies. The bone structure of the baby consists of immature bones and cartilages that develop as they grow old. By the time they reach adulthood, the bones are fully formed and acquire strength.

The development of the kneecap

So after reading the above paragraph, it answers the question about do baby have kneecaps when born? Now let us know how these kneecaps are developed.

Babies are born with kneecaps but are made up of soft cartilage tissue. Over a period of time, these soft cartilages take form of bones through a process known as ossification. A layer of cells is formed on the skirting of the cartilage and produce a compact bone. Then the blood vessels are formed near and around the cartilage thereby forming a nutrient artery that helps in bone development. As the baby grows, the ossification process continues to produce bone cells that replace the cartilage with new bones.

Even though the process of ossification is performed, still the cartilage in the kneecaps remains for few years. That is the reason you must have babies don’t break their knees when they fall. These soft cartilages act as sponges that can easily absorb the pressure and compress when baby falls. It is after 3 years that baby’s bones start developing through the ossification process.

It is quite understandable that babies do have kneecaps but they don’t have bone in their kneecap. One very good explanation could be, if the babies have bones in their kneecaps then they it might pain when the baby starts crawling. It is because of soft cartilage that is able to take the pressure on the knees.

Some more amazing facts about the babies

Being a parent is a constant learning. Here are some facts that might interest you if you are recent mum or dad:-

  • Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time in the first six months of their birth
  • Newborn babies don’t shed tears when they cry. They usually develop only after a month or two
  • Babies can’t hear too well when they are new born. Since the middle ear is full of fluid and the whole structure is still developing, therefore sounds that are loud for us might appear as normal for the babies.