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Why Is the Roof Ladder the Perfect Climbing Tool for Your Roof?

Everyone wants a safe and secure home. This is why it is crucial for you to maintain your roof and look after it well as it protects your home from weather elements and wear and tear. If you do not take care of your roof, you will find it will get damaged with wear and tear. This gives rise to leaks and can cause serious damage to your home. This is where you need a ladder to climb on to your roof and check its condition from time to time!

Choose the right roof ladder for climbing on to your roof

With a roof ladder you can climb onto your roof at any time and check for any signs of leaks and damage . This ladder has been designed in a such a way that its lower rungs can be fixed to the roof. This keeps the ladder still so that it does not slip and fall. The roof ladder has rubber that sticks to the surface so that no matter how much you move, it remains firm on the ground. The ladder is durable and can withstand a certain amount of weight depending upon the size of your roof. However, when you buy a roof ladder ensure that you check the total volume of weight it can hold so that you do not fall and slip.

Why Is the Roof Ladder the Perfect Climbing Tool for Your Roof?

Get the balance you need

Since the ladder can be fastened to the ground, you are able to get the balance you need to work on the repairs. If you have major repairs to be done, it is prudent for you to call in professional companies as they have better tools and equipment to address the issues you face instantly. Moreover, these experts will also have the right ladders that help them reach corners of your roof that might need intricate attention and repairs. If you are repairing the roof on your own, ensure you have a durable ladder that is sturdy and can support your weight.

Allows free mobility

When you get the right ladder for your repairing needs, you can be mobile on the roof. Since this ladder stays safe on the ground, you can focus on the repairs with the assurance you will not fall. The best part of this ladder is that you can divide your body weight across the roof and this saves you from falling. Crawling on the roof can be very dangerous and so it is safe for you to buy a good quality ladder to help you work on the roof with protection. If the surface of the roof is wet, you might slip and fall. This is why it is prudent to invest in a good ladder that is designed to take care of your roof with success.

A roof ladder is an indispensable part of your home and it is wise to invest in a good quality ladder to inspect your roof from time to time. This ladder ensures you stay safe while working on the roof leaving you out of danger in every season!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway near Mumbai

Are you looking for a perfect way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day? Here are some events near Mumbai that you might enjoy. Go through them and take your pick.

1.       Love 2 Love U – Valentine’s Day Special Camping

Event time: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 – Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Arranged by DustyRoad

Place: Karjat, Karjat Railway Station Ticket Booking Counter, Mumbai

Assembly time: 4:00 PM

Checkout time: 11:00 AM the next day

Dress code: Casuals and sports shoes

Cost: Rs 2,500

Event details: For a wonderful Valentine’s day in Mumbai come to the riverside campsite, DustyRoad Valentine’s Day Camping. An ideal getaway beside the beautiful clean river, you spend the evening dancing with your partner. You have lights, music, barbecue starters, to begin and a wonderful candlelight dinner beside the river afterwards.

You have many games such as Carry Your Partner, Paper Dance, look in your partner’s eye, and much more.  You have limited space in the tents, so make sure to book early.

2.       Valentine’s Special – Private Couple Camping

Event time: Saturday, 11 February 2017 – Sunday, 12 February 2017

Organised by: Caravan trips

Place: Mulshi Dam, outside Mumbai

Cost: Rs 6,000 / Singles – Rs 3,000 (tent stay) additional Rs 1,000 (cottage stay)

Event details: For a perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, we have organized an outing for you and your loved one at an eco-farm. This is beside a secluded lake under the starry skies.

You have couple dancing workshop, live unplugged music DJ, and BBQ making session. Even singles are welcome as you can find your partner here and have fun. You have well-maintained toilets, washrooms, and facilities for shower. If you prefer to use the cottages, you can do so at an additional Rs 1,000 cost. Each cottage accommodates four people.

Valentine’s day in Mumbai

Itinerary details:

Day 1

3:00 PM: Meet at Kalamboli McDonald’s before the Mumbai – Pune Expressway

5:30 PM: Reach the camping spot, enjoy the sunset by the lake

6:00 PM: Pitch tents

7:30 PM: Barbecue time

9:00 PM: Dinner

11:00 PM: Retire for the night in the cozy tent

Day 2

8:30 AM: Wake-up call with tea

9:00 AM: Have breakfast and take a morning walk

11:00 AM: Leave camp and go back home

You should pay for transport, pillow, blanket, and lunch. You must carry torch, pillow, blanket, personal first aid, backpack, extra clothing, and slippers. We provide you with Dinner, Barbecue, Breakfast, and Camping. You will follow the instructions of the trip leader.

3.       Valentine’s Day One Week Bash @ Matheran Meet Melt Fling

Event time: Monday, 13 February 2017 – Friday, 17 February 2017

Organised by Sharma Uttm

Place: Matheran Hill Station, Mumbai

Cost: Rs 17,500

Event details: This event is unique and promises plenty of excitement for couples. Once you enter the hill resort, every couple will take part in action to determine the KING and Queen of the event. This winner gets to visit Munnar and stay at a five-star hotel.

Action includes Treasure Hunt, Blind Date, Pillow Couple, BBQ, Special Valentine’s Day Events, Unlock the Doors, Role Switch, Be My Valentine, Trekking, Candlelit Dinner, Pool Party on Valentine’s Day, Scavenger Hunt, Darquiri Games, Truth-Dare, Campfire, DJ (daily), and much more.

Like always, do not wait until the last moment. The seats fill up fast and so only those who book first will get them. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!