How to maintain health even while using steroids

There are two kinds of cycles that are used in bodybuilding. One is the bulking cycle and the other is the cutting cycle latter being employed for stanozolol. Here your working out for a toned body and trim off the excess fat and give the body more defined look. This phase of employing this steroid will give you the desired results.


Certain are required for all those who want to try out stanozolol and shed that extra flab in the body-

  • A lot of fluids are to taken and keep the body hydrated at all times.
  • The veggies, especially the green ones play a vital role in giving you the required nutrients and minerals to stay healthy.
  • Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are to be consumed to keep up the immunity levels in the body in good condition.
  • A good amount of sleep is required, and for an adult 8 hours would suffice for the repair of all the wear and tear and condition your body for the next day.
  • Lifting weights regime should be maintained as not to lose out on the muscle mass.
  • Cardio exercise of lower intensity should be employed to burn fat.
  • The last is quite a take on the habits of people such as sugary carbs, fizzy drinks, oily and fatty food is highly not recommended. As this would just put all that effort to waste.
  • Drinking of alcohol and smoking or taking other toxic drugs should be avoided.

Winstrol Dosage to be taken

The dosages vary for men and women. This drug having the advantage to consuming orally and injectable gives an upper hand over oral consumption as the injecting it is quite painful and people have complained of burning sensations on the injected area lasting for days. The male dosage ranges from 40mg to 100mg whereas women in competitive sport are advised 5mg to 15mg not exceeding 20mg. One should avoid using dosages higher than thus mentioned.

The oral consumption is usually 10mg to 15mg whereas the injectable doses are from 25mg to 50mg. Since prescription from a qualified doctor is hard to get and to get the right stuff without being duped is hard job. Here the online market has blossomed into full fledged outlets to sell steroids online which are discreet enough.

Benefits to the body builders for Using the right dosage of winstrol

The drug is also popular because not only fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who have high fat level content in their bodies but with people who have lower levels of fat too can use this steroid. These individual with lower fat can get the benefit of gaining strength by using this steroid.

Steroids have a bad reputation and banning of the substance and being a controlled drug doesn’t help its cause. But it’s popularity still exists among the users and they have found ways to procure it and the new way is online buying of these steroids. People with previous medical complications have to check out with the doctor before any consumption of steroids.

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