Stand Alone Or Wearable Tech? Should You Invest In A Smart-Watch Or A Smart-Phone?

Smart Watch

These days, most of the people dream of having a smart-watch that they can rely on. We get new and new information about it almost every day. They are indeed growing in great popularity just like the smart-phones. However, there are still some people that question about its use even after it has become one of the major aspects of our lives in terms of technology.

While smart-watches have indeed become trendy, they haven’t yet taken over the place of smart-phones. So here, let us explore the reasons behind its growing popularity and why you should invest in one.

What makes smart-watch must-have for you?

Smart-watch can be a hell lot of fun. You will be amazed to know that they have their own games and apps that can not only entertain you, but can help you in variety of ways as well! Why would you reach to your pocket to get your phone now to check the time and see notifications when you already can do it from your wrist with the help of a smart-watch? It is very much easier and can save your time too. Plus, it will help you stay focused on more important stuffs.

Apart from being much easy to access, it is even harder to lose. This can help you save great amount of money especially if you are the one that have knack of losing things! Most of the smart-watches are resistant to water that are an added benefit!

What about Smart-phones then?

It is true that smart-watches have numerous benefits over smart-phones, but they too have certain limitations when compared to them. One of the major things that smart-phones have is larger screen size unlike smart-watches. Smart-watches generally have smaller screen and so it can be harder to do certain things like playing games, surfing web, and so forth.

Smart Watch

Plus, the smart-watches have limited hardware capabilities since they are smaller. Despite it, the best smartwatch companies are introducing great features every now and then that don’t fail to attract customers.

Moreover, if you are thinking about long battery life, smart-phones can be a good bet for you. Many of the smart watches last only few hours to a few days that may reduce usability.

The major thing that may hold back growth of the smart-watches in industry is that most of them come with hefty price tag. In fact, most of the Samsung smart-phones cost less than the smart-watches. This is one of the main reasons why the smart-watches are considered to be a niche product and not an essential gadget.

Another drawback of smart-watch is that they don’t typically run as standalone devices. They only work to their complete potential when they are used in combination with smart-phone. For instance, it cannot be used to place calls on its own, but they can do it via Bluetooth connectivity with smart-phone.

To conclude, smart-watch can offer you great features, especially when it is linked with smart-phone. This combo has attracted many techy nerds already, what are you waiting for?

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