Black magic spells

Black magic spells are an integral part of the entire domain of magic. So, what is black magic? Well, it can be defined as something that works to influence or manipulate our free will. It’s mostly used to cast on our enemies who mean nothing but bad for us. Yes, it’s true that black magic means harm – yet at times you need to cause harm to people to teach them lesson when they are getting unbearable and making your life a living hell.

Black magic covers a vast domain and one of the most popular of these are hurt spells. These are meant to cause harm to others, mostly by causing some sickness or injury. You have to be very serious with hurt spells as these are some of the most powerful and dangerous numbers and any faulty step can backfire its effect right on the spell caster magic spells.

One of the popular hurt spells is working sickness chant. To do the spell, you would need your extreme hate and complete focus. You will start the spell with thoughts of the person you hate and want to suffer. Point your wand or finger to him & while doing so utter the magic chant. Within just 2 days, he would be terribly sick Magic spells .

Death spell is another form of black magic spell. You can do it in two ways- one is through Voodoo doll where the doll symbolizes the person and you have to stab the doll strong as if you are stabling the person only. The other way is to pray to the spirits or Gods such as Lucifer to make the person die. Now, the death spells won’t kill the person overnight always. Rather they would make him so sick that he would eventually die.

Nightmare spells are another common form of black magic spell. These spells are meant to give people bad dreams. If someone is messing up with you and you want to teach him a lesson, nightmare spells would be a great aide here. However, there are some nightmare spells that would even help you to protect someone from a bad dream.

Another form of black magic spells is revenge spells. If you have been plotting to seek revenge for long and you don’t want to get caught, revenge spells would work wonders for you. A good revenge spell is waning moon revenge spell. To do the spell, you would need red candle, victim’s picture, red pen & cauldron. You have to perform the ritual at midnight in a clear secluded place. Light up your candle & draw red x right on target’s face. Put the image in cauldron & burn the photo with candle flame. While doing so, utter the chant. Wait till the photo turns to ashes & collect the ashes in a jar. The target would keep on having bad luck till you have those ashes with you.

This is to mention here that black magic spells are extremely dangerous. So, you have to be really particular about the rituals and chants.

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