Preparing For a Tadoba Safari and Useful Tips on Tadoba Accommodation

A visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve is an experience of a lifetime. However, for it to be satisfying, you will need to do a lot of planning. The extent of your satisfaction will also depend on the level of your expectations. If your expectations from your wildlife adventure are sky-high, then there is a big chance that you will fail to appreciate the entire experience and end up sorely disappointed. Some practical tips that will allow you to maximize your enjoyment:

Timing the Vacation

You need to do a lot of planning so that you have control over the maximum number of variables. It starts from when you would like to go, which together with the distances involved will usually dictate the wildlife sanctuary that can be visited. Alternatively, if you are determined, you can pick a national park of your choice and then go about planning your visit. From the point of comfort, almost all wildlife safaris, including Tadoba, are conducted better in the winter season that stretches from October–February. However, if you can bear the discomfort, visiting in the summer can be more productive since the forests are drier and it is easier to see the animals in the morning and the evening as they congregate around the watering holes.

Booking the Accommodation

The other very important aspect of a wildlife vacation is the accommodation. You need to have a clear idea of your budget and select the camp, lodge, hotel or resort accordingly. Keep in mind Tadoba accommodation is fairly limited and you need to plan really far ahead to get the accommodation of your choice in the period that you have selected. When booking, be sure to find out how far your hotel is from the gate as you will end up losing both time and money if you are not conveniently near.

Travel Light

Ask people who have visited the destination in question earlier or explore online regarding what to expect in terms of the weather, travel, accommodation, food, etc. and pack accordingly. It is a good idea not to bring a lot of baggage; carry clothes and shoes that are comfortable and not in distractingly loud colors. Carry some warm clothing as it can get quite cool during the evenings. Do pack a first aid kit; remember to include your usual prescription medicines as well as insect repellant. Do remember to carry a pair of good binoculars and if you are keen on photography, a couple or more cameras with different lenses mounted as you will have no time to change lenses while on the go.


While Tadoba is famous for its frequent tiger sightings, remember they can be elusive. The trick is to get hold of an experienced guide who will be able to get you to the best spots for seeing the great assortment of flora and fauna the reserve is famous for. Respect the environment, be as non-intrusive as possible, and you will surely be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

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