Importance of greeting cards

The greeting card is considered to be a small paper piece that is handcrafted or printed or any handwritten message for conveying feelings to someone. These days, there are several ways by which people can express themselves, their feelings to others. This can be achieved through the email message, SMS, fax message, Ecard or cell phone/telephone. However, greeting cards are used to serve this purpose. SMS can seem to be an inexpensive, time-saving option when compared to greeting cards. But, it will not have that kind of magical effect and impact upon the recipient like that of greeting cards.

Presentation of the greeting card is of utmost importance. It is possible to come up with beautiful handmade cards with some tips and ideas scoured from the web. There are plenty of blogs that do offer creative and innovative ideas that can be used by first timers to create designer, handmade, innovative handmade cards. When neatly designed and aesthetically created, it can definitely leave a long-lasting feeling upon the recipient and make them feel honored and delighted.

Occasions when handmade card can be given

It is for several occasions that handmade greeting cards can make fabulous gifts. But, it becomes essential to select the appropriate card type, color, picture, and design, has printed message or simply write down own handwritten message to reveal clearly the affection. Greeting cards can be made and distributed for various occasions and reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Handmade cards for birthday
  • New Year
  • Anniversary
  • Thank You
  • Sorry
  • Missing You
  • Best Wishes
  • Get Well Soon
  • Good Luck
  • Congratulations
  • Flower card
  • New baby
  • Engagement
  • Valentine’s Day
  • I Love You
  • Christmas Card
  • Seasonal cards
  • Festival cards
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day, etc.

Some useful facts to know

The fact is the greeting card industry is a big one, whose revenue is said to run in billions. Cards of different types, sizes and shapes are printed globally. But American Greetings and Hallmark Cards are said to top the list.

Cards are generally mailed to relative, friends, colleagues, clients and employees on various occasions to strengthen the relationship. According to historians, the custom of greeting card sending began with the ancient Chinese, who were said to have exchanged messages related to goodwill for celebrating the New Year. Egyptians had conveyed greetings on the papyrus scrolls. During the early 1400s, greeting cards made from the handmade paper were exchanged in Europe. Germans printed greetings for the New Year during the early 1400s from woodcuts. Among different parts of Europe, during the mid1400s, handmade paper Valentine cards were exchanged.

The greeting card by 1850s transformed into an affordable, popular personal communication means from an expensive, handmade, hand delivered gift. This is because of the advent of mechanization and printing.

Currently, there have emerged numerous online sites that do offer different types of cards including handmade cards for birthday and for other occasions.

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