Beat the hot summers with all new revamped Air Coolers

Summers have arrived with a rising temperature, each and every part of the world especially our country is showing high temperature.

As the mercury levels are rising day by day everyone is finding it difficult to defeat the heat. Because of the present condition of global warming and water shortage, traditional equipment like fans alone can’t solve this problematic condition. Therefore it is necessary to buy air coolers. There are three types of air coolers available in market- portable, evaporative and dessert cooler.

Here is a list of famous brands that provide wide variety of air coolers and have sustained their admiration till date:

Symphony: Symphony offers wide range of air coolers that are perfect for your home, office, shops, showrooms etc. Symphony air cooler comes with i-pure multistage filtration that helps to clean a spectrum of pollutants. This is a perfect cooler for all those who cannot afford Air Conditioner due to their breathing problems. Along with basic cooling functions Symphony air coolers can work on inverter power, runs on operating cost of fan, can be used inside as well as outside. These coolers have an environment friendly technology that works on principal of heat absorption.

Bajaj: Keep your workplaces and homes cooler and cozy in these humid hot summers with Bajaj Room Coolers. The highlight of the Bajaj air cooler is the ability of throwing and distributing powerful air. This air can travel as far as 50 feet. Other settler features include- three way speed control system, remote control for easy operations, four way deflection swing, ice chamber, large water tank, float valve, castor wheels, auto water level, neon indicator and many other extraordinary features.

Air Coolers

Crompton: Tolerating annoying hot summers is a thing of past with Crompton Air cooler. Crompton offers highly effective air coolers at very reasonable prices. One of the outstanding strength of Crompton Air Coolers is its well constructed design. Its high grade plastic and ultra modern construction makes it corrosion resistant and able to tolerate exposure to water and humidity. Crompton air coolers comers with most viable technological advancements and keeping in mind electricity bills consumption Crompton air coolers are highly efficient.

Kenstar: Kenstar is now known as cooling star of every home. Along with all the basic features Kenstar air coolers comes with world class feature like- multistage air purification, some of the coolers comes with intelligent remote and can remember and restore previous settings, channelized water distribution, dura pump technology, protects from voltage fluctuations, whisper quiet performance for sound sleep, large tank capacity, powerful air throw with auto swing and has high efficiency cooling pads for enhanced cooling.

Hindware: Hindware is always known for its extraordinary changes and its new innovations. This summer be trendsetter, get Hindware air coolers that along with cool air provides you with something that will make your home the style statement. Hindware air coolers new models distinguish tall and slender look, remote control operation, shut louvers, anti skid top cover and its power packed performance will bound your heart.