Use and Benefit of Ginseng

Ginseng is used to increase a person’s physical and mental stamina, increase energy, stabilize the body’s physiology, reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer. In addition, the traditional role of ginseng increases sexual harmony. Ginseng strengthens the physical body to combat exhaustion. Studies show that regular use of ginseng benefits Alzheimer’s disease (memory loss / amnesia) is what is ginseng used for and is associated with diabetes (reduction of blood sugar in the body), to overcome the problems of aging (aging), strengthen the immune system and others. Here are the details about the benefits of ginseng:

Reducing the stress of life

Previous studies and continue to provide data, ginseng helps the body overcome stress in life. In studies conducted in laboratories in Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, North America and London, the use of mice as experimental rats showed that the pressure would be delayed more if in regular doses of ginseng. A book called Ginseng, the magic herb of the East, written by Stephen Fulder, says that soon ginseng allows a person under pressure to return to a normal life faster.

positive effects on the cardiovascular system

Stress, vitality and resilience

In the 1980s, several researchers at the University of California discovered that ginseng can increase the efficiency of energy production in the body. In addition, ginseng, as established, stabilizes the metabolic rate, promoting the digestion of food, producing energy from food to digest and eliminate toxins in the human body. The content of ginsenosides in ginseng improves the nervous system in the human body with a large flow of blood to the brain and activates the neurotransmitters in the brain.

The heart

Ginseng has shown positive effects on the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system. According to Fulder, ginseng uses China as a way to stabilize blood pressure after a sudden heart attack. Doctors in Russia and Germany also believe that ginseng is effective in reducing high blood pressure. The ginseng content such as ginserozide, triether, panaxatria can control people with low blood pressure, cholesterol, stimulate the nervous system and the tonic.

Strengthening the immune system

Fulder has to experiment to make animals eat ginseng. After that, he injected the animals with bacteria that can cause diseases. The results showed that the animals remain healthy. This showed that ginseng increases the body’s resistance. In Japan, researchers have discovered that ginseng testosterone strengthens the immune system by improving white blood cells, which act as immunological immunity against all microorganisms that invade our body. Ginseng increased white blood cells by stimulating the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow.

For the treatment of cancer

It has been established that ginseng can protect the body from the effects, as well as drugs and radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer (radioactive radiation used to kill cancer cells). Korean and Russian researchers have shown that patients take the prescribed dose of ginseng, which is able to withstand the increased use of anti-cancer drugs.