What is geriatric assessment and how is it effective?

geriatric assessment

A geriatric assessments Ontario is a tool that medics use to evaluate patients’ health. It looks for the patient’s health, physical function, nutrition, and other medical conditions. If you don’t have much support at home, it is the best option for individuals.

Many medical departments use a geriatric assessment that helps to understand the patient’s health condition and discuss the possible treatment option. An individual above 65 needs some special care for their health as they get older. Young people won’t have sufficient time to take care of them due to the need to run behind the work to maintain their family needs. So, it’s the best option to hire a geriatric assessments Ontario health care team to understand their health. It helps to suggest a better treatment plan for your case with proper support.

People over 65 often get more medical illnesses, so you need to choose a suitable medical treatment. The geriatric assessments will help you suggest proper treatment as per your health condition. They work by blood pressure reading and evaluate the health physically. The evaluation includes

  • Daily activities
  • Risk of Falls
  • Medical condition
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Social activities
  • Memory function
  • Nutrition

They also take extra care of cancer patients, as they have certain risks, like severe side effects. They understand your health condition and provide you with proper health care at your home or similar to the care you have at home. The geriatric assessment team will discuss the risk and health benefits of the treatment plan and the aim of the treatment they give to the patient.

In a study, it is proved that it has many benefits for people who suffer from cancer with planned treatments, and emergency cases and also improves the quality of life of a cancer patient from other side effects. People over 65 years old and suffering from cancer are recommended to take care of geriatric assessments.

 geriatric assessment

Cancer treatment always involves certain risks and side effects. The geriatric assessment cancer care team assists you in providing proper treatment by analyzing your medical history and finding any changes in your body regularly. They care about you and determine

  • Changes in your health
  • New symptoms
  • Medication
  • Falls
  • Changes in situation and support system

It differs from medical evaluation and cares for the quality of life by providing proper care for your parent by providing required therapy and treatment to your loved one. Hire one to get your loved one cared for.