A Healthy Comparison between Houses and Condos in Different Aspects

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A condo is a property where many units of structures are joined together in a tall building. In earlier days mostly independent houses were built. But in this modern world, mostly the stacked building with share amenities are preferred. This trend is not local all over the world people are preferring this kind of property and this is the so-called Condominium where the people have their own building in the high raised building. Shortly this can be called a condo. Old age people will always like individual houses and the private space where the condo is exactly opposite to that where shared places and should live as a community. This type of condo is preferred by people from Bangkok, Thailand and they feel comfortable. Hence many agencies are started to sell condos. The condo for sale in Bangkok is one of the hottest ads and that can be seen frequently where many condos are established periodically. Fine, in this article let us see some of the differences between condos and houses.

  • The first and foremost difference that can be pointed out is the price of these kinds of properties. The condo has around three thirty thousand dollars whereas a single may be three seventy-nine thousand dollars and when we compared to a condo the house price will be more.
  • Though the price is more buying a house will make the owner of complete properties like interior and exterior. This Means Building and land. But with respect to the condo, only the interior of the building can be owned directly by the owners and all others are shared. From the side walls to all other amenities.

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  • With respect to individual houses, the facility can be created if the one is really needed and they don’t want to spend some money every month on that facility once they are established. But on condos, the facilities will be available and the owners need to pay some money to utilize that. One of the best things is the condo owner need not maintain themselves where the association will take care and the charges will be included with the earlier payment for utilization.
  • In houses whatever changes they want to do can be done by the owner but in condos, it is a bit difficult.