Turmeric applications – A complete knowhow

Turmeric is an exceptional superfood that can be used to fight many diseases, as well as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Let’s go together to discover all its applications:

Turmeric as an antidepressant

According to some studies, turmeric can be considered as a real natural antidepressant. It would also apparently help improve the effect of antidepressant drugs. If you suffer from depression, then ask your doctor if you can take a turmeric-based food supplement. Learn the  Best way to take turmeric supplements here.

Turmeric as a pain reliever

Turmeric can also be used to counteract pain, but only in the case of pain caused by inflammation. In fact, the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is a powerful anti-inflammatory. As a pain reliever, turmeric is scientifically proven to be ideal for osteoarthritis, even for chronic osteoarthritis.

Turmeric for slimming

Curcumin allows you to speed up the metabolism, with the possibility of burning excess fat. Not only that, turmeric also helps you feel full faster.

Turmeric for cholesterol

Many scientific studies show that curcumin reduces bad cholesterol levels , while contributing to a sharp increase in levels instead of good cholesterol. Apparently the improvement in the situation would be visible already after just one week of treatment.

Turmeric for intestines

In case of colitis, even ulcerative colitis, and intestinal inflammation, turmeric is a valid help, precisely because curcumin is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It appears that turmeric may also help digest better and overcome constipation. In this regard, however, the doctors are not all in agreement.

Turmeric for stomach

In case of gastritis or other inflammations, turmeric is excellent precisely because it has a high anti-inflammatory power and because it allows calming the pain.