July 24, 2024
hernia specialist singapore

A hernia most of the time is repaired with surgery. There are three kinds of surgery for hernia namely open repair surgery, robotic repair, and laparoscopic repair. Here you will find details for each procedure.

How is a hernia treated by open repair surgery?

In open repair surgery for hernia, an incision is made near the groin. The sac that contains the bulking intestine is found. The surgeon now pushes it into the stomach strengthening the walls of the abdomen with synthetic mesh or stitches. A lot of patients can take a leave from the hospital in fewer hours post-surgery, and they feel better on some days. Exercise and vigorous activities are not allowed for a few weeks post-surgery.

What is laparoscopic repair surgery for hernia?

Laparoscopic hernia specialist singapore repair is done by using a laparoscope, which is an instrument like a telescope. This instrument is inserted at the belly button by making a very small incision. This medical procedure is done under the influence of general anesthesia. Before the surgery, the patient has a comprehensive check to know the patient’s general health condition.

After the medical procedure is complete, the abdominal incisions get stitched or the doctor stitches it with surgical tape. In a matter of a couple of months, the incisions vanish and are hardly visible.

How is robotic repair surgery for hernia performed?

Robotic repair of hernia just like laparoscopic repair surgery is done by using a laparoscope. This surgery is done likewise. Robotic surgery is different from laparoscopic repair surgery. In robotic surgery, the surgeon sits in the operation theater to handle the surgery tools from across the console. Robotic surgery is used for smaller hernias and weaker regions. This surgery can also reconstruct the stomach walls.

These are the avant-garde and precocious surgery techniques of repairing hernia.