Which bra to wear after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation causes an aesthetic change and a real morphological change that your body will have to get used to. It is essential to wear a suitable bra after breast augmentation for several weeks after the operation. The surgeon will instruct you to wear a compression bra, which is essential to keep your new breasts in place.With or without reinforcement? Classic lingerie or brassiere? How to choose the best bra after breast augmentation?

Why wear a best bra after breast augmentation?

Wearing a support bra allows better and faster healing and, above all, keeps the prosthesis in place. At the same time, the surrounding tissues rebuild and adapt to this new element.Thus, in suitable lingerie, swelling is reduced, which improves the speed of recovery. Indeed, it happens that fluids are propagated in reaction to the breast implant: the bra will have the effect of limiting them.

The support bra also helps avoid the pain associated with the patient’s movements when the implant tissues have not yet been reconstructed.

Also, the postoperative bra plays a role in the quality of recovery of the skin itself since it avoids any rippling, irritation, or swelling through its compression effect.

Finally, adapted lingerie is also a precious help for the back, solicited by a new weight to which it is not yet used.

Which bra to play sports after breast surgery?

It is recommended not to resume sport for 4 to 8 weeks or to carry heavy loads during this period. It is also strongly recommended, during this period, not to make significant, loose movements with the arms, which could pull on the scars and the tissues that are not yet fully closed.

The underwear sports are very often adapted to the postoperative follow-up of intervention aesthetic breast surgery. Indeed, their main goal is the maintenance vis-a-vis sudden or ample movements. They have a fundamental role in contention.

Often in the form of a bra, their materials are chosen to adapt to the sweat caused by sport. The shapes, without seams or underwiring, are also ideally suited to the needs of the first months after breast augmentation.

Final Words

To summarize, after a breast augmentation and to ensure optimal postoperative consequences, opt for a support bra.