Benefits of online reviews for the business

Online shopping has transformed itself from mere window shopping and browsing to serious business. There is a huge shift in the way customers now comment or write reviews about businesses online. now with reviews given on the go using mobile devices, it is quite easy for customers to write about any business that they tried out. Online reviews are used to establish the popularity of businesses, lure other customers, and widen brand influence. The type of review might be negative or positive, but it surely leaves an impact.

How to get online reviews:

  1. Make use of social media: social media has become a huge digital transition. businesses are increasingly using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for marketing their businesses. But the role of these platforms is not limited only to advertising. Customers are racking up a lot of reviews on these platforms. You can show up these reviews on the frontline to make it like a chain of reviews. You can ask influencers and celebrities to give some reviews to gain popularity amongst buyers.
  2. register on review websites: there are many websites where people look for ratings and reviews of products and services before they buy. Some websites cater to a specific industry. Make sure you create accounts on websites that are popular for reviews of products related to your business.
  3. Encourage customers to give reviews: around 25% of the customers who are directly approached for review will submit the product review for sure. If the customer is satisfied then you will surely get a positive review, but even if the negative review is there, you can reply politely or ask for an opportunity to rectify the issue. Teach your customers how to leave a review on Google.
  4. Give your customers some incentives for giving reviews: you can ask your customers for reviews and in return give them some rewards for doing so. This is not bribery at all, but it is a way to persuade customers to leave a review whether negative or positive.

You can also make use of surveys to get reviews. Make sure that you reply to the reviews to make it a two-way communication.