July 24, 2024
marine contractors Florida

If your home location is near a waterfront, seawalls are extremely important. Seawalls will protect you and your property from the sudden changes in weather. Your seawall can provide a barrier against those harsh waters. However, they are usually not given that much importance. Have you checked it lately? Do you know that it also needs repair?

If you are wondering if it is time for your seawall to get repaired or replaced, you have come to the right place. Seawall repairs are available at marine contractors Florida, so it is time to learn if you need any of their services soon.

How Long Should A Seawall Last?

Before you decide whether to have your seawall repaired or replaced, you must understand its life expectancy. A seawall is a considerable investment, and you would want to know if repairing or replacing would end up with long-term benefits. For longevity, there are three factors to consider – the type of seawall, quality, and maintenance. Most seawalls can last for 35 years or so. It can last longer if it’s galvanized. Outcropping and rip rap also last longer than steel because they are composed of stones and rocks.

When Do You Need Repair or Replacement?

Sure there are repairs and maintenance that you can do on your own, but there are also significant signs that can alert you of possible fixes needed. Beyond the basics, regular inspections are vital. Seawall inspections are also necessary, especially after a big storm or flood.

Here are the things that you should look out for:

  • Outcropping. Take note of separation in the joints, and in between the slabs.
  • Rip Rap. For rip raps, you should check out for dislodged stones. Replace if needed.
  • Steel Wall. Take note if there are any corrosions, leaks, or cracks.

Identifying Minor or Major Seawall Issues

If you think the damage is not too much and you can fix it on your own, then no need to call for help. But some issues can be more serious and would need an expert inspection to help determine whether you need professional repair or replacement. If you notice any indentations or holes forming near the seawall, it’s a minor issue. These dents mean that there is a breach that lets the soil to drain into the water. In this case, professional repair will do. However, when the steel wall is sagging or bowing. If this is the case, repair work might not cut it. You will need a replacement.

Seawalls are cost-effective investments. Compared to other shoreline defenses, they are compact and beneficial. More property owners prefer this than dikes that take up so much space. So take a look around and find out if you need seawall repair or replacement.