Advantages of making bitcoin transactions over bank transactions


Even though value of bitcoins is varying in nature, there are no rules and restrictions getting changed which are generally permanent. Any bitcoin owner is referred by an address that is given to him but not with his/her personal details. Owner can make any number of bitcoin transfer with other bitcoin owners with no fees. If you want to convert Bitcoin into rupees, visit 1 btc to inr to know how it is done.

Let us see what are the advantages that bitcoin owners get when Bitcoin transactions are made. They are as follows,

  • There are already many methods of payment available online and think why bitcoin has become special? It is because no one has control over the bitcoins even government and Bitcoin owner is his own boss and only he has control over the bitcoin.
  • Even though it is all online, no transactions of anyone is made public unless the owner wishes to do so. Every transactions of a single owner will only have different transaction addresses so as to keep it untraceable.
  • Like other normal bank transactions, bitcoin also offers payment through mobile phones too. The fees imposed for banking charges, domestic and international transactions are all avoided here. There are no banking charges. Only few rupees even for international transactions. There is no need to pay for any maintenance for wallets unlike banks. If you want to know how to convert Bitcoin into rupees, visit 1 btc to inr