Why between better treat a woman less will you pay attention to a formal relationship?

formal relationship

There are a lot of questions how to be irresistible to men  who are supposedly in the friend zone and suffer for it, stating that they do not deserve to be rejected because they always treat the woman they are interested in well. . These men usually react to the rejection depressed and lamenting their “luck “There are also those who get angry and begin to see who rejects them as cruel and heartless people.

formal relationship

Social change and values

In this context, the efforts for gender equality two they concentrate, among others, on two key issues: the labor market and family life. This translates into various theoretical elaborations in the academic world and actions at political, economic and legal level, which seek to account for the factors that can help identify and explain, in these spheres, progress and stagnation in terms of equity. previously, what is interesting here is to emphasize the importance of incorporating the dimension of values ​​in the analysis of gender equity, and draw attention to the weight of certain stereotyped conceptions that support some laws related to family dynamics in the Costa Rican society; detailing the different theoretical and political positions in this regard is not the objective of this work.

These  groups are those that present the complex whose name I have invented and only use it to make a rapid generalization in order to explain the situation that arises (according to the way I see it). Each person is different, but this is a common belief that has a large number of people, in this case the question focuses only on men but can also occur with the roles reversed.

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