Why the Gigabit Is the Best Web Hosting Service in Malaysia

Quality hosting makes a responsive, secure, and easy to maneuver website. Hosting your website on a substandard hosting service makes it prone to regular crashes and downtimes. In other words, we can’t ignore the quality of the hosting if we surely want our websites to be responsive and maintain quality uptime.  In Malaysia, there is a multitude of web hosting services that provide their services at different rates. One reputable and reliable web hosting service which can always be counted on is TheGigabit.com.

Who Is TheGigabit.com?

TheGigabit.com is an over 15 years old leading web hosting company in Malaysia that runs more than 1,200,000 sites in thousands of servers. It’s well-known all over Malaysia for providing premium website hosting solutions at the best market rates. With us, you can rest assured of getting quality support services in a variety of languages. Our services include but not limited to dedicated services, backup and disaster recovery, IP transit, web application firewall, virtual servers, server co-location, domain name, SSL, Anti-DDoS and much more.

Why We Are the Best Hosting Company in Malaysia?

TheGigabit.com is, without doubt, the best and most reliable hosting company in Malaysia. We work with a talented team of IT and Web specialists who have more than five years of experience in providing hosting related services to clients all over Malaysia.  Our customer care team is fully-trained on matters dealing with customers so you can always be sure to have your queries answered to promptly and professionally. We have high-security measures in place to ensure your hosting experience will be as safe and wondering as possible. We maintain unequaled uptime on our servers; your clients will have smooth and enjoyable browsing experiences. We use cutting-edge technology to make your hosting a success.

Why Should You Host With TheGigabits.com?

There are several things that make us stand out from the crowd as the most pioneering web hosting company in Malaysia. Among these things are;

  • Quality and responsive customer support: Our experienced and talented customer care specialists are available to serve you on a 24-hour basis.
  • Cheapest hosting packages ever: Our hosting plans start at relatively low prices of RM 40 per month.
  • Best quality hosting hardware: At the Gigabit.com you will get access to premium hosting servers and equipment.
  • Great network of servers: All our servers are safely located in topnotch datacenters all over Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • Quality management: Our team of talented hosting specialists will perform the network and hosting platform management work on your behalf ensuring you can handle other essential jobs of bettering your website.
  • Eco-friendly hosting services: We employ the use of more advanced and eco-friendly computing resources to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.


As we have seen above, multiple reasons make us the best web hosting company all over the Asian continent. We offer a whole range of hosting services at different rates. If you are thinking of hosting with us, it is crucial to inquire more about the best web hosting services in Malaysia to get to know what we have in store for you.

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