5 health benefits of CBD oils

Cannabinoid oils are extracted from cannabis and they carry a lot of health benefits. These oils are being used by a number of patients to treat certain diseases and also to prevent them from contracting diseases such as skin diseases, cardiovascular-related diseases, and various cancer types. These CBD oil benefits include the following;

Heals and protects the Skin.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is at times very sensitive for some people. CBD oils have got elements that can heal and repair the skin from ultra-violet rays and other pollutants in the environment. CBD oils speed up the healing process of damaged skin as well as treat acne. Research has shown that cannabis products have been used to heal wounds before in different cultures. CBD oils have been proven to be cancer curative, treating carcinoma and melanoma skin cancers.

Protects bones.

CBD oils help in bone metabolism and hence worn out bone materials are replaced at a fast rate and they remain strong and healthy for a long time. CBD oils have helped reduce the possibilities of getting old age-related diseases such as Osteoarthritis. CBD helps speed up the formation of bone cells and that is why the oils have been proven to heal broken bones in a very short period of time

Maintains brain health

Cannabinoids help to protect neurons and therefore they keep the brain healthy and in proper working condition because they get rid of worn out cells. New cells are supposed to be made in order to replace the worn out cells and this can be done with CBD oils. Cannabinoids also prevent the body from other brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduces the risk of cancer.

A scientific study done in 2012 showed that animals that were given CBD oils were at a lower risk of getting colon cancer when they were given carcinogens in the laboratory. Moreover, a research done in the state of California showed that a large percentage of male patients who used cannabis had bladder cancer that was below the normal by 45%. Scientists continue to carry out research in order to know the right dosage for prevention and treatment of cancer.

Prevent obesity and diabetes.

It is believed that most people that use cannabis take in a lot of calories but there is a hormone in cannabis which increases the metabolic rate as well. Cannabis users have a significantly lower insulin level in their bodies hence they have low chances of getting diabetes. The protective nature of Cannabis escapes with time if you stop using it.

CBD oils have got many benefits in the human body and therefore it is high time we start embracing them. Creating awareness among people who think cannabis is only psychoactive and informing them of the CBD oil benefits will encourage people to try it. Moreover, a lot of research is still ongoing to find more health-related advantages of using these oils.

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