Why You Need to Enrol for Boating Safety Course

Whenever heading out on water, it’s essential that you and your passengers observe basic safety boating tips.

Operator’s inexperience, recklessness, speeding and inattention are the leading causes of watercraft crashing. Drowning being the highest cause of death on water.

An accident on the water can sink you into deep trouble. In the year 2017, property worth of more than $39 million was destroyed in recreational boating accidents. According to Coast Guard, 80 percent of fatalities reported occurred in crafts where the operator hadn’t received boating safety instructions.

As a boater, you should ensure your craft has safety equipment and that you’re conversant with their usage.

Crash statistics showboaters who wear life jackets and enrol for boater safety courses are more likely to stay safe on the water.

So, if you’re an expert or new to boating, contact us at aceboater.com for a training course.

What you’ll learn

Boating safety course is a comprehensive guide that covers the basics of boating. It’ll include anything from the different types of boats in the market and the equipment you should have on board.

The course will impart skills on how to properly navigate on water. You’ll also learn on the basics of boating law and how to surf in excruciating weathers.

These are some essential equipment that you are expected to have and maintain.

  • Ensure you have a U.S Coast-Guard approved life jacket for every person on board. If your boat exceeds 16 feet in length, it should have an approved throwable device. Ensure that every person on board has their life jackets on.
  • Ensure there is a working fire extinguisher.
  • Fit your boat with boat lights. Before leaving the dock, test whether the lights are working or not. When sailing at night, carry extra batteries with you.
  • Have enough emergency supplies on board; these include flares, first aid kit and a mobile phone.
  • Ensure you’re able to use all these equipment.

Why Should You Take this Course?

Other than safe surfing, there are other benefits that you stand to gain when you enrol in this course. They include the following:

  1. Reduced Insurance Costs

An insurance company will examine the risks threatening your boat before determining the premiums you pay. Insurance risk is the likelihood that the risks insured will occur.  If you have a boating safety tips training and certification, the chances of you causing an accident are lower.

Since the insurance company sees you as a low risk, the premiums you pay will be lower than that of the drivers who have not undergone through this training.

  1. Ease of Hiring Boats

At times, you may need to use a different boat than yours. The reasons may vary from its low capacity to the need for more pleasurable crafts.

But wait, no one will be willing to rent out their boats to a person with no boating skills. Having this training certificate might make it easier for you to rent a craft. The owners will be willing to rent these crafts to you and even offer at a lower price.


Boating and surfing are among the best undertakings you can ever make on water. When undertaking this activity, it is essential you ensure you and your passengers are safe.

Remember, a simple unfortunate event on deep waters may be catastrophic causing loss of lives and property. Ensure the safety equipment you need on board are enough and in a working condition.

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