How to improve your SMS Blast


SMS blast refers to a messaging service which makes it possible to send a text message to many clients by using an automated messaging system. SMS blast is an easy, and an effective method of communication especially if you want to reach out to many clients. It is viewed as a simple and powerful alternative to the common voice blast or the voice broadcast. To improve the service delivery of this system, you need to put some crucial suggestions into considerations.

Keep it simple.

After you begin your SMS campaign, the next step involves creating an effective text blast which you need to send to your clients. By the opt-in system, it implies that your customers have agreed to receive your messages which therefore imply that the first message which they will receive would be equally important in solidifying your space in their mobile phones.

You need to keep it simple. One of the main reasons why most clients adore blasts messages is the simplicity of the channel. Since you are a marketer, you need to make sure that you meet their needs.

SMS blast

Segment the clients

Blasting the same message by just copying and pasting the same message to all your clients is basically the road to your fall. If this is the case, your ROI is likely to be affected much and there is also a high likelihood of a great risk of alienating the user base which you have now. You need to make sure that the customer relationship management is effectively connected to the SMS campaign. For a continuous improvement, you need to track, report as well as focus on the system.

Add value

Create an SMS blast which would draw attention to the clients even if it is for a second. This would motivate them to open the text message and read the details. If you succeed in capturing the attention of the clients make sure that it offers value. Make the recipients feel that they are special after reading the first text message. If not most of the clients are likely to opt out of the test system.

Automate support

The best practice of crafting an SMS blast is to automate support by SMS if possible. Most of the clients who will be looking for help especially for their first time will be experiencing similar problems but setting up options for specific automatic responses would be beneficial. This would lessen the burden of receiving several calls.

Final thought

The key to SMS blast and SMS marketing usually lies in making it simple and effective. Always make sure that you keep off from the clients’ privacy as this is likely to irritate them. The SMS system you choose will give the clients an option for them to opt out if they like. You should also make sure that your SMS blast has your identification which is clear. Make your messages are unique anytime you send them.