Categorized Features of Elegant Converse Shoes

Converse-Shoes-Company was founded by Marquis-Millis-Converse back in 1908 when it was first identified as Converse-Rubber-Shoe Company. Since then the company has been among the successful shoe manufacturers all over the world. The converse is well-known for decades in manufacturing variety of stylish and comfort footwear. Here are three categories of their products and features:


When you are in need of a durable and fashionable footwear, you will always prefer to go for the best brand. Thus, Puma classic shoe can offer you a nice treat with stylish and comfort that you deserve. Be it stark black or a complete white design, they can make their clients fashion royalty.

From a range of classic chuck Hi to the All-Star-lows, they offer each converse style that will definitely blow your mind! Back 1921, clients were complaining about the sore feet but currently Converse came to alleviate their pain by offering comfortable and safe footwear.

Converse-Lifestyle Shoes

Converse lifestyle footwear has the unique curved niche for themselves as the brand which can easily be recognized, but it can also be changed as the latest designs of discoveries keep on popping up. With the stock’s options in West Brothers stores that range from ballet tie slips to both hi and low sneakers, there are everything available for all kinds of people.


After the initiation of Chuck-Taylor in 2013, Converse performance footwear featured the creation of All-Stars that was used for basketball back in the 1960s and 1970s. This classic model differed from current Chuck-Taylor-All stars due to several changes that took place in all Stars shoes over the coming three years.

The 70 model comprise thicker canvas, foxing, top rubber midsole, thicker cushioning, more stitched materials, small toe cap, a piece of rubber bottom sole against three pies sole on the current All-Stars, and then black heel patch against white one on the current All-Star.

A leather sneaker with classic black appearance, gold eyelets, and the black rubber sole is current to selection. West Brothers have not introduced converse footwear fully to their clients since they already aware much of the brand style and quality.

You can also grab your today from West Brothers online stores and have them transported to your comfort zone.

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