Things you must know about online recruitment process

 Over the years, the concept of hiring has undergone lot many changes but one thing has always remained the same and that is the personal interview. No doubt that it is important for every business to grow and make sure they get the best candidates who can contribute in the growth. However, it is also true that when you are looking for better candidates, you need to be sure about the recruitment process, which you would be conducting. For this, here are few things that can help you understand the concept of online recruitment process and how it can help in the accurate hiring of the candidate.

What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment is a process that offers you the right selection of the candidate to be made solely on the set of questions that you ask the candidate to solve online. In this type of process, three things play a dominant role and those are computer, internet and the proctored software for better protection against cheating. The best part about such test is you can conduct aptitude test and even technical round without wanting the candidate to be present at the location where you are currently located. This way you can evaluate the candidate irrespective of the location.

Benefits that you need to know:

With so many new things that are coming up, needless to say that technology has helped us a lot. Talking of which online recruitment process is a perfect example f it because of which you can avail the benefits such as:

Save your time:

Instead of simply asking every candidate about the work profile and waiting for others to come to the location, your time gets saved and you can actually focus on choosing the candidate depending upon the test he gives online. This way you can save your time rather utilizes it in the other process that usually requires you to focus on other process involved in hiring.

Save your money

At any pint, organization would think twice and even thrice before hiring a candidate since reputation and money is involved. That is the main reason why, you must choose such source as it gives the most genuine selection of the candidate who can be part f your organization growth and be rest assured that you are indulged in  hiring.

Gives quick and accurate analysis

You do not have to wait for long to get the results, as the process is extremely fast. As soon as the candidate finishes the test, a window would pop to you as a notification that would clearly state you whether the candidate whom you are planning to shortlist is a right fit for the job or not. This way, it will become convenient for you to draw a conclusion on whether the candidate whom you are short-listing can go ahead for the next round of interview or not.

No doubt, that online recruitment has got ample of benefits but to avail these benefits, you must get it done from the expert for better understanding.

Good Bye Radio Stations, the Internet is now discovering music talents

Times have changed dramatically and so have we. Every artist craves to be seen and known. An artist gets the most satisfaction when his or her music reaches to a vast audience. The musical landscape in the age of the Internet is transforming at a rapid pace. The TV channels, radio stations, and all other platforms which used to make huge profits earlier through production, promotion, and distribution of music are finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the pace of the change. Radio stations and televisions have become a thing of yesteryears as far as discovering of new talent is concerned, and its justifiable to call it so because there are so many other platforms like Songdew, SoundCloud, and YouTube which not just allows people to listen to and download music of their choice but also gives a chance to the artists who are new and trying to make a mark in the Music Industry, to upload their original tracks as well as music videos.

These days, budding artists prefer sharing and releasing their music on online platforms like Songdew because these are the places which attract people like the moth to the flame. Hoards of people walk into these online platforms in search of fresh and off-beat melodious tunes, every minute. People are tired of tuning in to radio stations or televisions and discover new music. Platforms like Songdew supports an artist like no one else and helps them nurture and spread their talents.

The Radio stations and television industry are losing their rulership because the advent of technology has given a chance to musicians and artists to produce music from anywhere. The sophisticated technology, software, and websites allow anyone the opportunity to release their audio tracks and music videos online at almost negligible charges compared to radio stations.

The Internet along with Social media is not just inexpensive but also caters to a wider audience than radio stations. Individual artists or bands today have a greater advantage and opportunities than the artist’s of yesteryears because the Internet has brought to them boundless options to produce, market and earn money through their talent and skills. They can sit comfortably in the luxury of their homes make good music themselves and let their music be the talk of the town, by the very next day. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Instagram, allow an artist gain multitudes of followers in just a split-second. They turn into a star overnight and become a sensation as their videos go viral all over the web. Their popularity multiplies at the speed of light and makes them so popular that one cannot turn off the computer without looking at them. Today no artist needs to go around advertising for their promotion or visit radio stations or television channels to get them recognized. Through the power of Internet, they can do all that through just sitting at home. Not just that, but platforms like Songdew, help an artist gain the popularity and also arrange live performance and gigs for them at popular venues.

These platforms are all that any artist of the previous generation would die for. Earlier an artist had to travel and visit places for marketing and promotion of their album or song. That was the one and only way for an artist to climb the ladder of success and earn revenues. It got so hard owing to the intense competition and saturation in the music Industry that it left an artist or a band hopeless and dejected after a point. It’s truly a herculean task to go around and advertise or promote your music when one could be devoting that time to improve, polish and sharpen their talent and art. But, not anymore because of the Internet and the people who understood their plight. These people used the Internet to give these new and upcoming artistes a platform which is so dynamic. They came up with such marvelous platforms that today any artist can breathe easy and focus sincerely on their craft and skill-i.e. music. Advertisement, popularity, promotion, distribution, building a fan-base is being done behind these artists and before they know they are the names on every person’s lips.  This is the power of the Internet.

The Internet and social media platforms have given a chance to the artist to interact one on one with their fans and keep them notified about their latest concerts and happening. Marketing of music has become so easy and effortless only because of platforms like Songdew where people can download, purchase, share, listen or discover fresh and offbeat music tracks and videos. Any music lover who loves to hear new music frequents these sites often and use these websites as a tool to reach and discover fresh talent and music.

Songdew takes an individual to these artists and helps both of them gain what they want. The artist gets a fan base or following and the music lover gets a chance to listen or watch absolutely unique and fresh music. Songdew forms a symbiotic relationship between these firms. Along with songs in twenty-one native languages, music lovers can discover and download english songs as well. The establishment of this relationship helps an artist promote his music and advertise his band or himself for his or her latest live concerts. That’s the power of the Internet and these websites. Though platforms like YouTube promotes a music video and SoundCloud an audio track but my personal favourite is Songdew because it gives a chance to an artist to release an audio or a video track as per their choice.

Websites like Songdew created by passionate music lovers across the country, releases music videos and tracks and spreads them around the web and gives these priceless voices of Independent artists all that they need. Getting their music produced by such esteemed and reputed platforms artists get a stamp of validation that their music is truly heartfelt. The music blogs written on these websites acts like a cherry on the cake for their songs and makes a profound impact on the listeners.

What is more ironical is that popular recording firms are approaching these websites and popular music blogs to discover and give opportunity to fresh talent in the country. It’s a truly heartfelt endeavor by Songdew to give a wonderful opportunity to new artists, a chance to share their work with the world that has revolutionized the release of music in our times.