Storing data in could is today’s trend

In each and every company we have data to store. Not only in the industries also as a person has every one of us had a data which have to store. Every one of us use our android mobiles or laptops to store the important data. Now a new technology called as cloud computing is there. In which everyone can store their data. But storing the data in cloud is actually very costly. We can store data in two ways one is very confidential and the other one is not confidential. Those data can be stored in cloud but it can be viewed by all.  To store the confidential data it is costly. In the same way the music can be stored in soundcloud bot.

The data which is stored in the cloud can be retrieved even if it is deleted from the place we have store it. It may be from the mobile or laptop the lost data can be retrieved. The music or the video which we want to share with the other people. Can be share in this soundcloud bot so that the followers can follow this page which we have shared.

  • The full process is very transparent and also automated. This does not need our help it does the work all by itself. It does the work which we wanted to do in their application.
  • We can select the whether the followers can see the thing which we have shared in there. If some data is confidential then we can select the unfollow option. So that others cannot view the data shared by us.
  • This is a web application which will run automatically. The thing is we have to schedule the application.
  • Same user cannot use the application twice. They can use only once and only one cycle can be done.

This application is really very minimalistic and also very efficient in storing the data and sharing it with others. When every person like to hear music they use this application for this. This app gives a good experience and exposure to the person who use this app.

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